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MEASURE Evaluation19 Jul 2017

New MEASURE Evaluation two-year program will assess and improve Armenia's child protection system, with particular attention to children living in, or at risk of entering, residential care or those left without parental care.

Armenpress News Agency1 Jun 2017

Armenpress News reports 633 children registered as living in orphanages in Armenia, with 450 of those children being children with disabilities. 

Human Rights Watch1 Feb 2017

This report is based on Human Rights Watch visits to five state-run orphanages and ten state-run schools, including six special schools and four mainstream schools, and interviews with 173 people, in eight cities in Armenia. 

Armenpress21 Jun 2016

 This article discusses the US Ambassador's visit to an Armenian orphanage, Armenia’s goal to deinstitutionalize children and research from UNICEF indicating that 97% of children in Armenian orphanages come from vulnerable families and have at least one living parent.

International Social Service - ISS1 Jan 2016

Ce rapport est basé sur une évaluation indépendante du SSI réalisée en 2015, sur le mandat de l'UNICEF Arménie et du Ministère de la Justice Arménien. Il s’inscrit dans le cadre d’un projet de réforme lancé par les autorités arméniennes en vue d’améliorer le système de protection de l’enfance et de mieux intégrer les principes de la Convention de La Haye dans la pratique de l’adoption. 

UNICEF Armenia13 Sep 2014

UNICEF Armenia office is looking for a local consultant to undertake rapid assessment of 14 child care residential institutions under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to determine their current situation for capturing GOAM transformation prospects for those institutions.

Save the Children24 Apr 2014

This video documents Save the Children's work in Armenia to reform the child protection system, including its use of the Guidelines for Alternative Care as a roadmap to focus on supporting a range of appropriate family environments for children without appropriate care.

SOS Children’s Villages and the University of Bedfordshire 1 Jan 2014

This report from SOS Children’s Villages and the University of Bedfordshire provides reviews and assessments of the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children in 21 countries around the world.

Better Care Network8 Jul 2013

This country care review includes the care related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child as part of its examination during the sixty-third session (27 May-14 June 2013) of Armenia’s third and fourth periodic reports to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as other care-related concluding observations, ratification dates, and links to the Universal Periodic Review and Hague Intercountry Adoption Country Profile.

Center for Educational Research and Consulting and Save the Children 30 Apr 2013

This report produced by the Center for Educational Research and Save the Children summarises a broader research study which examined the foster care pilot programme introduced in Armenia in 2005. The study aimed to find out if the pilot program succeeded, what problems arose, how the program could be improved and how foster care in Armenia could develop and expand effectively.