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S. Woodhouse, A. Miah and M. Rutter - Cambridge University Press22 Jun 2017

This article focuses on the assessment of the effects of early institutional care and compares three longitudinal studies from Romania, Greece and Hong Kong/China.

Yang Meiping - Shanghai Daily23 May 2017

New policy in China allows court applications to revoke the guardianship of parents or authorized guardians if they refuse to perform their custody duties for more than six months.

Sina22 Mar 2017

China orders authorities to check all qualifications, facilities, services and safety management for all government foster care facilities.

Neil Conner - The Telegraph14 Dec 2016

The Telegraph reports that police in China rescued 36 children from traffickers. 

Wang Mingting and Li Rongde - Caixin Online10 Nov 2016

Article from China stating rural migrant parents who leave their children behind for extended periods could face criminal charges over their failure to provide adequate care, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs said Wednesday.

Han Meng - Sixth Tone25 Oct 2016

A Fulbright scholar compares adoption experiences in China with those in America.

University of Eastern Finland18 Oct 2016

Fudan University and the University of Eastern Finland will open a joint Sino-Finnish Centre for Child Protection Research, SFCPR, in Shanghai. 

Michele L. Statz - Sage Publications28 Aug 2016

This article examines and discusses the designation of unaccompanied Chinese children as "Unaccompanied Alien Children" and the processes experienced in obtaining such designations.

Qian Dai & Rong-Xuan Chu - Child Abuse & Neglect24 Aug 2016

This article describes a study in which researchers explored the emotional and psychological health of China's left-behind children (LBC) by identifiying the differences in levels of happiness, self-esteem and anxiety between LBC and non-LBC. 

Marcus Roberts - Mercatornet12 Aug 2016

This article by Marcus Roberts discusses how and why intercountry adoptions have dropped so dramatically in the recent years.