Democratic Republic of the Congo

Demographic Data:

  • Total Population: 74.88 million
  • Population under 15: 46%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 58.7 years
  • Human Development Index: 176 out of 188 
  • World Bank Status: Low Income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence (age 15-49): 1.0%
  • Mean Household Composition: 5.3 persons
  • Female-Headed Households: 25%

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP HDR 2015, DHS 2013/2014


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Better Care Network3 Feb 2017

This country care review includes the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. 

CPC Learning Network19 Dec 2016

CPC Learning Network Associate Director, Mark Canavera, Janis Ridsdel from UNHCR, Sara Lim from UNICEF, and Nathalie Bussien, UNHCR Child Protection Officer in Rwanda will host a webinar on “Determining Acceptable Customary Caregiving Arrangements with Congolese Refugees in Rwanda” on Monday, December 19 from 9:00-10:30 am EDT. 

Sarah McClure9 Nov 2016

In this piece from FusionTV, Nelufar Hedayat travels to Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate the relationship between international adoption and child trafficking.

Saeed Rahman, Simran Chaudhri, Lindsay Stark and Mark Canaver -- Forced Migration Review1 Oct 2016

According to this article from Forced Migration Review, when the majority of aid comes from external sources, it can cause those who receive the aid to feel powerless. 

Julie A. Tippens - Qualitative Health Research25 Aug 2016

This article examines how urban Congolese refugees in Kenya promote psychosocial well-being in the context of structural vulnerability. 

US News19 Jan 2016

Congo has drafted new adoption legislation and reviewed cases pending since it halted international adoptions in 2013, the government said. Among the recommendations in the legislation, internation

Rubenstein BL, Spencer C, Mansourian H, Noble E, Munganga GB, and Stark L1 Dec 2015

A mobile phone-based community surveillance system was piloted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the goal of identifying new cases of unaccompanied and separated children on a weekly bas

Catholic Relief Services31 Oct 2015

4Children is seeking a Program Director who will lead a team to achieve the project objectives in the DRC.

Emmaüs International 6 Aug 2015

Le groupe Emmaüs CAJED (RDC) agit depuis 1992 pour la réinsertion scolaire et professionnelle des enfants et adolescents en rupture sociale. Enfants des rues, enfants soldats, enfants déplacés…. l’équipe les accompagne dans leur processus de reconstruction. Entretien avec Gilbert Munda, coordinateur du groupe.


Nina Strochlic - The Daily Beast3 Aug 2015

This article tells the story of Mwamini and Sadiki Fracoize, a couple in the Congo who are fostering former child soldiers, and describes the system of foster care for demobilized child soldiers in the country.