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ChildFund International4 Apr 2017

The Advisor will provide technical guidance and support in the process of continuous institutional capacity building, program improvement, and promotion of regional strategic relationships.

Sarah Salvadore - Slate27 Jan 2017

Slate reports the poor conditions unaccompanied girls face when they attempt to cross the border into the United States from Central America.

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times17 Jul 2016

In this New York Times opinion piece, Kristof discusses one family’s story about the abuses they experienced while living in Honduras. His article highlights the dangers families are facing in Central America.  He discusses how President Obama’s deportation policies are forcing families to stay in countries where their lives are at risk, and he argues that U.S. policies need to change in order to provide a safe haven for children and families at risk.

Nicholas Kristof - New York Times25 Jun 2016

This Op-Ed piece from the New York Times offers harsh criticism of the U.S. and Mexican policy that sends young refugees back to the communities they are risking their lives to escape.

David Androff - Journal of Human Rights and Social Work27 May 2016

This paper examines the immigration of children from Central America to the USA by setting the context of immigration across the USA–Mexico border, reviewing the extent and causes of the influx in immigration, and detailing the political, legal, and social work responses to the child migrants. 

ISS-USA28 Apr 2016

ISS-USA is implementing a training in Guatemala on April 28-29th. This training is part of a project to provide coordinated cross border social services for children and families migrating in the Northern Triangle, Mexico, and the U.S.

Human Rights Watch31 Mar 2016

Human Rights Watch llevaba a cabo investigación en México y Honduras en 2015 para examinar cómo México está aplicando la ley nacional e internacional en el tratamiento de migrantes centroamericanos, particularmente los niños. 

Human Rights Watch31 Mar 2016

Human Rights Watch conducted research throughout Mexico and Honduras in 2015 to examine how Mexico is applying national and international law in its treatment of Central American migrants, particularly children. 

Nina Lakhani - The Guardian31 Mar 2016

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has issued a new report indicating that Mexican officials are routinely deporting vulnerable children from Central America who immigrate to Mexico to escape violence in their home countries, according to this article from the Guardian. 

UNICEF1 Dec 2015

Même si la crise des enfants migrants non accompagnés d’Amérique centrale qui tentent de rejoindre les Etats-Unis ne fait plus la une des journaux, elle continue. De concert avec les gouvernements, l’UNICEF s’efforce de remédier aux causes de cette migration et de garantir la protection et les droits des enfants qui décident d'entreprendre ce périlleux périple.