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UNICEF27 Oct 2016

New parliamentary bill will help ensure the protection of unaccompanied refugee minors who enter Italy.

Arab Today19 Oct 2016

Arab Today reports over 20,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the sea to Italy.

Vatican Radio3 Aug 2016

The Chargé d’Affaires of the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations, Msgr. Simon Kassas, urged the Security Council on Tuesday to 'affirm and support families of children who are victimized in armed conflict'.

Missing Children Europe1 Feb 2016

The objective of the project is to reduce the numbers of unaccompanied children who go missing. This project addresses how the issue of the disappearance of an unaccompanied child is tackled in different Member States and promotes promising strategies and behaviours related to the prevention and response to disappearances.

Maternowska, M. C., A. Potts and D. Fry - UNICEF1 Jan 2016

This study is a snapshot of a multi-country study involving Italy, Peru, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe of how individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and the communities in which people live interact with institutional drivers to increase or reduce a child’s risk of violence.

Save the Children and the International Organization for Migration 3 Dec 2015

This pamphlet and the accompanying video, a joint publication by Save the Children and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), share the experiences of "children on the move" in various countries, including Turkey, Italy, and Sweden. 

BBC News Magazine8 Oct 2015

This article tells the story of Yahya, a young man who escaped an abusive father in rural Gambia and underwent a harrowing journey through Northern Africa, eventually arriving in Sicily in 2013. 

Vatican Radio 9 Mar 2015

This article describes the recent rise in migrants and refugees coming to Italy from Libya and other parts of North Africa, especially the large numbers of unaccompanied children, and the efforts being made by aid workers to place those children in appropriate care.

BBC News 5 Mar 2015

This photo series, courtesy of Save the Children, depicts the experiences of unaccompanied young people who travel from North Africa across the Mediterranean in hopes of reaching greater safety in Europe.

RELAF y UNICEF1 Feb 2015

Esta Guía reúne una serie de programas, prácticas y políticas públicas que resultaron en la garantía del derecho a la convivencia familiar y comunitaria de niñas y niños en su primera infancia. En particular, se caracterizan por ser innovadoras o por haber obtenido buenos resultados en la protección y la restitución de este derecho. Las experiencias recopiladas abarcan programas, proyectos e iniciativas públicas, privadas o mixtas de fortalecimiento familiar, provisión de cuidados alternativos, y de reintegración familiar.