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Jo Timbuong - The Star Online12 Apr 2017

Man's rescue reveals a begging syndicate that exploits orphans.

Free Malaysia Today11 Apr 2017

NGO head states that he was abused in a government run orphanage and now has proof to act against his alleged perpetrators. 

Marjan Mohammadzadeh, Hamidin Awang, Hayati Kadir Shahar, Suriani Ismail – Community Mental Health Journal18 Mar 2017

This study aimed to assess the prevalence and risk factors of depression, anxiety, stress and low self-esteem among institutional Malaysian adolescents.

UNHCR1 Aug 2016

Global Strategy – Beyond Detention 2014-2019 is a document released by UNHCR, which aims to support governments to end the detention of asylum-seekers and refugees.  

Save the Children1 Jan 2016

This report reviews the maritime movements of asylum-seeking children across South East Asia and their experiences in countries of origin, transit and destination. 

Faizah Haji Mas’ud - Global Perspectives1 Jan 2016

In this chapter from Global Perspectives, Faizah Haji Mas’ud discusses the state of residential care in Malaysia.  Mas’ud covers Malaysia and welfare policy, types of children’s services, as well as challenges and issues Malaysia faces in providing residential care to children.

BBC News24 Dec 2015

The article details the abuse that is common among Malaysia's indigenous children in residential school settings. 

AP Archive30 Jul 2015

In Malaysia, unwanted babies now have a place to be left. It is called the baby hatch, where parents can leave their children anonymously while they wait for adoption. This video reports on these baby hatches.

Rodziana Mohamed Razali, Rohaida Nordin and Tamara Joan Duraisingam1 Jan 2015

This article investigates the relationships and differences between statelessness and migration.   Its particular focus is on migration in Malaysia and how migration can lead to statelessness. 

Mazbah Termizi, Nurhidayah Abdullah, Noor Ismawati Mohd Jaafar, Mariam Saidona Tagaranao, Yasmin Hanani Mohd Safian - International Journal of Technical Research and Applications1 Aug 2014

Analyzing Malaysian and international practices in regards to “baby-dumping,” the authors of this research article are raising awareness of the punitive approach of the criminal justice system in handling baby dumping cases in Malaysia and other countries, as well as the limited, although important, prevention opportunities.