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Jorge Hevia-Orozco, Araceli Sanz-Martin, Miguel Angel Guevara and Marisela Hernández-Gonzalez - Abnormal & Behavioral Psychology26 Jul 2017

This study investigated and compared electroencephalogram (EEG) functioning between a group of institutionalized adolescents and a never institutionalized group of adolescents during a social decision making task. 

Fundacion Juconi23 Mar 2017
Hotel Century, Liverpool 152, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc

Nos enfocaremos en técnicas particularmente útiles para el trabajo con niñas, niños y adolescentes y sus familias.

Samantha Schmidt / The Washington Post7 Mar 2017

U.S. Department of Homeland Security considers separating children from undocumented parents caught crossing border.

Bill Ong Hing21 Oct 2016

Bill Ong Hing shares his experiences on running a law school deportation clinic in California. 

Shiomara Perla del Carpio Ovando, Eduardo Fernández Guzmán, Elizabeth Garnica Reséndiz - European Journal of Business and Social Sciences1 Aug 2016

Using the stories and reflections of boys and girls in Guanajuato, Mexico, this study points out how with migration, there are different ways to understand and cope with the issues that surround migration.  

UNHCR1 Aug 2016

Global Strategy – Beyond Detention 2014-2019 is a document released by UNHCR, which aims to support governments to end the detention of asylum-seekers and refugees.  

Nicholas Kristof - New York Times25 Jun 2016

This Op-Ed piece from the New York Times offers harsh criticism of the U.S. and Mexican policy that sends young refugees back to the communities they are risking their lives to escape.

David Androff - Journal of Human Rights and Social Work27 May 2016

This paper examines the immigration of children from Central America to the USA by setting the context of immigration across the USA–Mexico border, reviewing the extent and causes of the influx in immigration, and detailing the political, legal, and social work responses to the child migrants. 

Enjoli Francis & Christine Romo - ABC News10 May 2016

This article and corresponding video shine light on the current status of residential institutions for children with disabilities in Mexico, who promised to make changes following Disability Rights International’s report, and the little progress made to right the abuses these children have been subjected to.

BBC News1 May 2016

In this video from the BBC, Katy Watson tells the story of one mother and daughter who were able to reunite briefly during a 20-minute opening of the US-Mexico border in California.