Russian Federation

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Chloe Farand - The Independent26 Jun 2017

An investigation has been opened in the case of a Russian man, who allegedly sexually abused his five foster daughters on a daily basis and has been charged with 729 counts of rape. A second investigation has been opened against the child care service for negligence. 

Angelina Davydova Kommersant - The Straits Times24 Jun 2017

A recruitment agency in Russia is helping young care leavers by providing employment training and coaching as well as supporting them to find employment, while also supporting international and Russion companies to recruit applicants from disadvantaged social backgrounds. 

Doug Stanglin - USATODAY18 Jan 2017

USA TODAY reports Russia is willing to open up discussions with the United States regarding the possibility of lifting its four-year old adoption ban.

Karen Smith Rotabi and Nicole F. Bromfield1 Jan 2017

Extracting on chronologic data, this book discusses the politics and practice of intercountry adoption starting with the state international adoption to in the 1950s continuing to present-day adoption practice and protections.

McCall, Robert B.; Muhamedrahimov, Rifkat J.; Groark, Christina J.; Palmov, Oleg I.; Nikiforova, Natalia V.; Salaway, Jennifer L.; Julian, Megan M.1 Oct 2016


This study examined whether interventions in Russian Baby Homes promoting warm, sensitive, and responsive caregiver-child interactions and relationships would be associated with advantages in those children’s behavior years after they transitioned to family care. 

Matt Danzico, Emma Wells and Maxim Lomakin - BBC23 Aug 2016

This news article from the BBC is about a small orphan village south of Moscow, which has been experimenting with what the founders think may be a novel solution to support both foster children and the families who take them in.

Alexander Tyan: The Moscow Times19 Jul 2016

This news article from The Moscow Times shares the stories and lessons learned by Russian families who experienced the adoption process.  

Edyta Januszewska - International Journal of Environmental & Science Education1 Jan 2016

The aim of this article is to study the situation on realizing children’s rights in Poland and in Russia in the context of Janusz Korczak’s principles.

Camilla Jones – Family for Every Child1 Jan 2016

This report presents the key findings of a scoping study on the links between education and children’s care. The study involved a literature review in English, French and Spanish; key informant interviews; and consultations with 170 children, carers, teachers and other stakeholders in Guyana, India, Russia and Rwanda.

Emily Delap and Payal Saksena – Family for Every Child1 Jan 2016

This report examines what family means to children and adults in the following countries: Brazil, India, Guyana, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Kenya.  The storytellers use evidence from 59 short films made using digital storytelling technique.