South Sudan

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Elsa Laurin - UNHCR21 Jun 2017

This UNHCR presentation provides an overview of alternative care for children in East African refugee contexts.

Dabanga19 Mar 2017

Article from Dabanga reports officials have expressed concern over the growing number of homeless children in Darfur. 

Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in the Sudan - UN Security Council6 Mar 2017

The present report was submitted to the UN Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict and focuses on the trends and patterns of the six categories of grave violations committed against children. 

Owen Ndoromo, Karin Österman, and Kaj Björkqvist - Journal of Child & Adolescent Behavior 23 Feb 2017

The study investigated the life of children in the street in post-war South Sudan. A main objective was to examine whether children who slept in the streets although they had parents they could go home to had been victimised more from domestic violence than children working in the street by day but spending the nights at home. 

BBC News29 Dec 2016

Dozens of children are seeking a judicial review in the UK High Court early next year.

The Guardian8 Dec 2016

This video from The Guardian discusses how six weeks after the Calais migrant camp was demolished, unaccompanied minors were transferred around France and are still waiting to hear from the Home Office. 

Sudan Tribune - ReliefWeb8 Oct 2016

This article from ReliefWeb discusses the release of 21 child soldiers in Sudan.

Mark Canavera - Children & Society Volume 30, (2016) pp. 356–3684 Jun 2016

The research in this study explores how systems strengthening approaches promoted by humanitarian agencies are perceived to have transpired in South Sudan during the country’s transition to independence. 

UNICEF12 Feb 2016

The story of a young boy who gave up being a child soldier to participate in UNICEF's reintegration program.

UNICEF29 Sep 2015

Depuis le début de l’année 2015, plus d’un million de personnes ont traversé la méditerranée pour rejoindre l’Europe. Près d’une personne sur cinq ayant rejoint les côtes européennes est un enfant…