Sri Lanka

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Sinhala's Saroj Pathirana - BBC20 Jun 2017

Although Sri Lanka's common law does not allow underage marriages, the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) allows community leaders to determine the marriage age. Muslim women activists are now coming forward to open up a discussion about reform, including the young girl featured in this article. 

The International Child and Youth Care Network23 Feb 2016
Colombo, Sri Lanka

The First International Conference on "Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World – Caring to Notice!" will take place 23-25 February 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The International Institute of Knowledge Management & The International Child and Youth Care Network (CYC Net)23 Feb 2016

The 1st International Conference on Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World: Caring to Notice! will be held on 23rd, 24th and 25th of February 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

ACCI Relief1 Jan 2016

Kinnected is a program run in 10 countries by the organization ACCI Relief aimed at preserving and strengthening families and assisting children currently in residential care to achieve their right to be raised in a family. This report describes Kinnected’s programs and initiatives underway in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Lesotho and includes some individual case studies.

Chamara Senaratna - International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care1 Jan 2015

The purpose of this paper is to describe hitherto unexplored issues related to sexual abuse of left-behind children of migrant women in Sri Lanka.

MenCare Sri Lanka1 Jan 2014

This moving short film (7 mins) produced by MenCare examines the circumstance of one man who found himself as the primary caregiver to his children when his female partner moved abroad for work.

Nathan Golon, GoodFight Media - MenCare Campaign1 Jan 2013

This four-page publication describes World Vision and Promundo’s work in Sri Lanka in 2012-2013 as part of the MenCare campaign.

Nayomi Kannangara 1 Jan 2012

This manual, produced by Save the Children in Sri Lanka, provides guidance on Family Group Conferencing (FGC), which was introduced to the governmental childcare structure in Sri Lanka's Southern P

Nirekha De Silva and Asitha G. Punchihewa 1 Jan 2011

This research on the institutionalization of children in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka was carried out by Save the Children with the support of the Department of Probation and Children Care Services and National Institute of Social Development.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)1 Jan 2007

L’objectif global de l’étude est d’améliorer les connaissances par rapport à la protection et aux droits des enfants placés en établissement au Sri Lanka, d’utiliser ces connaissances pour promouvoir des changements axés sur la recherche et de faciliter la mise en œuvre des pratiques exemplaires et des solutions de rechange convenables aux soins en établissement.