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Save the Children Alliance 1 Jan 2008

A handbook that identifies and addresses issues of child protection in education in Southern Sudan, and mobilizes communities into action to make schools protective and nurturing learning environments.

UNICEF24 Aug 2007

Examines the work of UNICEF Sudan and its partners in addressing the issue of abandonment of babies, institutional care, and the process undertaken since 2003 to develop alternative family care programmes.

Help Age International and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance 1 Jan 2003

A publication by International AIDS Alliance and HelpAge International provides an overview of the issues identified by older people and orphans and vulnerable children themselves; examples of community-based programs that are improving the lives of older people and orphans and vulnerable children; recommendations that will help to prioritize orphans and their carers within HIV/AIDS and wider development policies, programs and research.

Alebel Derib1 Jan 2001

A case study that describes and analyzes Group care arrangements and the fostering program (“Family Attachment”) in the refugee camps in Pignudo (Ethiopia) and Kakuma (Kenya). This study includes the evaluation done on the Family Attachment program in Kakuma refugee camps which assessed it’s weaknesses and strengths.

Hope and Homes

This report tracks the progress and celebrates the success of how a new child protection system - encompassing prevention, emergency hospital care, alternative family care (AFC) and permanent solutions - was introduced into an Islamic context.