Viet Nam

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L. Murray, T. Tran, V. V. Thang, L. Cass, J. Fisher - Child: care, health and development16 May 2017

This study aimed to describe caregivers' understandings of, and responses to, unsettled infant behaviours in Vietnam and their family caregiving contexts.

Ise Bosch, Eva-Maria Hilgarth, Sarah Blakemore, Amani Njogu, Nguyen Van Hue, Karin Demuth – Dreilinden1 Apr 2017

Dreilinden produced this working paper to improve practice in the area of *LGBTI children in care. This paper has texts in a variety of formats from around the world and contains three sections that cover research and tools, interviews, and practice examples.

The Guardian4 Oct 2016

In this article from the Guardian, Do Duy Vi, a former street child himself, shares how he he seeks out vulnerable young people in Vietnam’s capital in the hopes of offering them shelter and a new beginning.

Mary Elizabeth Collins, Bùi Thị Thanh Tuyền - Springer Link27 Sep 2016

This article examines the adjustments for policy, research and intervention in non-Western developing contexts. Particular attention is focused on the country of Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, with a communist government and a rapidly developing economy. 

Sallie Yea - Movement, Mobilities, and Journeys Volume 6 of the series Geographies of Children and Young People pp 67-841 Aug 2016

This chapter explores issues of children’s agency and participation in anti-trafficking interventions with children trafficked for exploitative labor in Vietnam. 

Theodore Koumelis - Travel Daily News, Asia Pacific6 Jul 2016

According to the article, the ChildSafe Movement has now “revamped” its company certification, which recognizes tourism companies for their dedication to child protection and commitment to ChildSafe’s 7 Standards by granting them a “ChildSafe Certification.” 

Overseas Development Institute1 Mar 2016

This report and summary explores the current childcare policy failures across a range of case-study countries, including Viet Nam, Gaza, Mexico, India and Ethiopia, and highlights examples of progress in countries which are successfully responding to these challenges.

Cuong Viet Nguyen - Social Science & Medicine16 Feb 2016

This study examines whether parental migration can affect health and cognitive ability of left-behind children aged at 5-8 years old in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam.

Maternowska, M. C., A. Potts and D. Fry - UNICEF1 Jan 2016

This study is a snapshot of a multi-country study involving Italy, Peru, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe of how individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and the communities in which people live interact with institutional drivers to increase or reduce a child’s risk of violence.

Annie Edwards & Jini Roby - Brigham Young University BYU ScholarsArchive - Family, Home, and Social Sciences31 Mar 2015

This one-page presentation outlines the research questions, data, methods, results, literature review, discussion and implications of a study that looked at the effects of a child’s relationship to head of household, age, and orphan status on the severity of discipline they receive in Ghana, Iraq, Costa Rica, Vietnam,and Ukraine.