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This page contains documents and other resources related to children's care in North Africa. Browse resources by country or category for more specific information.

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Ise Bosch, Eva-Maria Hilgarth, Sarah Blakemore, Amani Njogu, Nguyen Van Hue, Karin Demuth – Dreilinden1 Apr 2017

Dreilinden produced this working paper to improve practice in the area of *LGBTI children in care. This paper has texts in a variety of formats from around the world and contains three sections that cover research and tools, interviews, and practice examples.

UNICEF Tunisia30 Jan 2017

Dans le cadre du projet « Chaque enfant a droit à une famille », financé par la Coopération italienne qui a été mise en place, le bureau de l’UNICEF en Tunisie lance un appel d’offre international

BBC News18 Mar 2016

This article discusses Tunisia's anti-drug laws that mandate automatic, one-year sentences, which has led to overcrowded prisons and separation of families. The author describes recent encounters with imprisoned women, including some who were imprisoned for smoking marijuana. 

Emily Delap and Payal Saksena – Family for Every Child1 Jan 2016

This report examines what family means to children and adults in the following countries: Brazil, India, Guyana, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Kenya.  The storytellers use evidence from 59 short films made using digital storytelling technique.

International Social Service - ISS et Bureau Permanent de La Haye8 Dec 2015

Organisée par le Bureau Permanent de la Haye, une formation internationale a eu lieu les 8 et 9 Décembre 2015 en Jordanie. 45 Experts ont échangé à propos de la pertinence d'un certain nombre de conventions de la Haye concernant la région du Moyen-Orient Afrique du Nord. 

Rana Kamaly - Egyptian Streets21 Sep 2015

This article explores the experiences of children who live in orphanages in Egypt, and the managers of those orphanages, as well as the public perceptions of those children, their situations, and the challenges they face.

Nabila El-sayed Saboula, Amal Attia Hussien, and Eman Mohamed El-Refaee - IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science1 Jun 2015

The aim of this study was to assess the occurrence of violence among orphaned children in institutions in Egypt and its consequences on their physical and psychological health status.

Debra Kamin - Time28 Apr 2015

This article, from Time, describes the efforts of the Israeli government to evacuate babies of Israeli parents - born to surrogate mothers in Nepal - in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Vatican Radio 9 Mar 2015

This article describes the recent rise in migrants and refugees coming to Italy from Libya and other parts of North Africa, especially the large numbers of unaccompanied children, and the efforts being made by aid workers to place those children in appropriate care.

BBC News 5 Mar 2015

This photo series, courtesy of Save the Children, depicts the experiences of unaccompanied young people who travel from North Africa across the Mediterranean in hopes of reaching greater safety in Europe.