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15 Oct 2017

The World Premiere of the documentary After the Apology is being featured at the Adelaide Film Festival. 

Jane Bardon - PM (ABC News)4 Oct 2017

On this PM Radio segment, the family of an indigenous teen placed in residential care who recently took her own life calls on Australia's Northern Territory Government to include the prioritization of kinship care placements in its upcoming recommendations for the youth justice and child protection systems. 


Anna Patty - The Sydney Morning Herald18 Sep 2017

This Australia-based company made parental leave more flexible for mothers, fathers, and foster and kinship carers. 

Luke Michael - Pro Bono Australia13 Sep 2017

Momentum is building in Australia to end orphanage volunteering overseas as the voices of advocates presenting the research on institutionalization become more prevalent in the media and big businesses from the tourism industry begin to follow suit. 

Gary Nunn - The Sydney Morning Herald13 Sep 2017

Orphanage volunteers often travel abroad with good intentions, but their "help" is contributing to the growing business of orphanage voluntourism, which profits by offering opportunities to meet the demand of Westerners hoping to help children abroad. In turn, children are being separated from their families, receiving improper care, and even exploited in the process. 

Raphael Epstein (Interviewer) & Kristina Kukolja (Producer) - RN Drive12 Sep 2017

In this radio interview, Kate van Doore explains why institutional care is harmful to children and how orphanage volunteering perpetuates and contributes to the harm children experience in institutions. 

Ruby Jones - ABC News11 Sep 2017

World Challenge, the world's largest school-based volunteer travel company, will no longer offer orphanage volunteer placements overseas - effective by the end of this month.

Zoe Kounadis - Radio Adelaide8 Sep 2017

In this radio interview, Leigh Mathews of ReThink Orphanages discusses why orphanage volunteering is harmful to the development of children and provides tips for those seeking international volunteering opportunities. 

Lucy Stone - The Examiner7 Sep 2017

Australia's education sector has agreed on the need for more regulation of the voluntourism industry to prevent students from engaging in programs exploitive to children overseas. 

Robert Madsen - AVI7 Sep 2017

Overseas volunteering in orphanages has become a trend for tourists from Australia and other Western countries; this trend has fueled the recruitment and trafficking of poor children to fill orphanages as a means to profit off the donations of tourists.