Demographic Data

  • Total Population: 10.82 million
  • Population under 15: 45%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 54 years
  • Human Development Index: 184 out of 188
  • World Bank Status (high, middle, low income): Low income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence (age 15-49): 1.1%
  • Mean Household Composition: 4.8 members
  • Female-Headed Households: 27%
  • Early Marriage (% of children married by 18 years): 20%

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP HDR 2015, DHS 2010

NORC at the University of Chicago15 Jan 2017

NORC seeks two Senior Social Welfare/Child Protection Experts to work in collaboration with NORC’s evaluation experts on the endline evaluation for a U.S. Agency for International development (USAID) funded Displaced Children and Orphan’s Fund (DCOF) project in Burundi and Moldova.

Rose Foley - Aljazeera11 Aug 2016

Can children forced to fight be reintegrated back into their families and communities?

Dr. Philip Cook, Michele Cook, Natasha Blanchet Cohen, Armel Oguniyi & Jean Sewanou International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD)29 Jul 2016

This is a report from the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) examining the two year (2014-2016) Child Protection Social Cohesion initiative in Burundi and Chad.

Government of Burundia9 Jun 2016

Cet article donne un bref aperçu de la question des mendiants et des enfants de la rue dans la ville de Bujumbura, au Burundi.

Julia Sloth-Nielsen and Marilize Ackermann - SCIELO30 Mar 2016

This article reports on the findings of a study of foreign children, including from Burundi, accommodated in the care system in the Western Cape, based on fieldwork conducted in child and youth care centres (CYCCs). 

Tendai Marima - Aljazeera1 Dec 2015

This article describes how thousands of minors have taken risky journeys to escape a political crisis in Burundi and landed in refugee camps in bordering countries.

Better Care Network14 Sep 2015

This country brief provides an overview of data on children’s living arrangements in Burundi, extracted from the 2010 DHS survey.

The International Committee of the Red Cross1 Sep 2015

Pour la plupart des Burundais qui ont fui la violence qui règne chez eux, le camp de Mahama au Rwanda sera leur domicile provisoire. Comme dans n'importe quel conflit, les gens se trouvent non seulement arrachés de leurs foyers, mais aussi, souvent, de leurs familles.

Jesko Johannsen - DW12 Jul 2015

Ces enfants sont témoins de la violence. Les explosions, les tirs et la mort sont leur quotidien.

Zoe Flood - The Guardian10 Jun 2015

This article describes the large numbers of unaccompanied children who have fled Burundi in the wake of political violence, and the efforts by aid agencies in bordering countries such as Rwanda, DR