Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizers - Reliefweb20 Dec 2016

This article from Reliefweb states that 20,000 people were recently evacuated from Aleppo.  The majority of which were children, women and families.

BBC News24 Oct 2016

Per this article from the BBC, Syrian refugee children have been making clothes for British shoppers. 

Save the Children19 Oct 2016

According to this press release from Save the Children, thousands of families are fleeing to dirty overcrowded refugee camps in Syria.  

Allison Pond - Desert News NewsOK26 Sep 2016

In this article from NEWSok, Zaidoon Khalaf shares his experiences while attempting to reunify with his family Germany.

Emma Graham-Harrison20 Aug 2016

This story from the Guardian describes the shock and loss children experience in Aleppo.

Women’s Link Worldwide 21 Jun 2016

This report by Women’s Link Worldwide tells the stories of twelve women who fled the bombings and violence in Syria only to end up trapped in Piraeus, Greece, deprived of their most basic rights.

UNICEF14 Jun 2016

This report from UNICEF highlights the many dangers, risks, and challenges faced by unaccompanied refugee and migrant children travelling to Europe on their own to escape conflict, poverty, or other forms of oppression.

BBC News24 May 2016

This video from the BBC tells the story of a 16 year-old unaccompanied minor from Syria, named Omar. The video features Omar’s illustrations of his journey from Syria to Calais.

John Davison - Reuters Investigates3 May 2016

This article from Reuters discusses the complicated issue of birth registration for Syrian refugee children and shines light on the growing number of “stateless” children as the Syrian refugee crisis escalates. 

ITV28 Jan 2016

The UK Government announced that it would take in refugee children who have become separated from their families in Syria and other conflicts.