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Yon Sineat and Erin Handley - The Phnom Penh Post14 Sep 2017

This week the Cambodian government released an explanatory note to educate the public on domestic adoption; however, some express concern whether bolstering domestic adoptions is currently feasible or safe for children. 

Agence France-Presse 13 Sep 2017

UNICEF estimates suggest that over 1,100 Rohingya children fleeing violence in western Myanmar have arrived unaccompanied in Bangladesh since August 25. 

June Ramli - Daily Mail Australia3 Sep 2017

This article describes a 60 Minutes interview with Tara Winkler, co-founder of Cambodian Children's Trust, about the exploitation of children in orphanages, the harm caused by orphanage tourism, and Australia's potential ban on orphanage tourism. 

Ruwaida Md Zain - New Straits Times26 Aug 2017

A Malaysian welfare organization has urged the federal government to set up a special body to regulate and control illegal orphanages in the country due to exploitation and abuse of the children living in the homes. 

Christopher Knaus - The Guardian 18 Aug 2017

Despite good intentions, volunteers and donors from Australia and the larger international community are supporting orphanages separating children from their families. Australia is seeking to curb support for orphanages in countries like Cambodia, where the trafficking of children into orphanages is a common practice. 

Catholic Relief Services16 Aug 2017

CRS is recruiting for a 4Children Cambodia Project Director to be based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Cindy Wockner and Komang Erviani - News Corp Australia Network13 Aug 2017

A pilot project is running five investigations of child sexual abuse in Bali, including two investigations at orphanages where staff are believed to be sexually abusing the children in their care. 

ECPAT International10 Aug 2017

ECPAT International is seeking a Programme Intern to support its Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism programme. 

Nur Khairah Alegria Suner - Free Malaysia Today9 Aug 2017

Malaysian NGO OrphanCare reports that orphanages are reluctant to work with baby hatch centers, which seek to find permanent homes for abandoned babies, due to fear that they will not have enough children to maintain the institutions once they give them up for adoption. 

Cambodian Children's Trust4 Aug 2017

In this audio clip, Andrea Nave, Tara Winkler and Sinet Chan give evidence to the Australian Modern Slavery inquiry on orphanage tourism and trafficking of children into orphanages.