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REPSSI23 Jun 2017

REPSSI is supporting SADC to secure a consultant to provide short term technical assistance (TA) for the orphans, vulnerable children and youth programme. 

Catholic Relief Services20 Jun 2017

Catholic Relief Serices (CRS) is recruiting for a Technical Advisor for the Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children) Project. 

Robyn Wolfson Vorster - Daily Maverick12 Jun 2017

This article features the stories of undocumented children in South Africa and the adversities they face due to their legal status. Robyn Wolfson Vorster makes the case for reform, arguing the country's current policies surrounding undocumented children are neither productive nor economically advantageous. 

T.J. Mudau, O.S. Obadire, and C. Mananga - Journal of Human Ecology5 Jun 2017

The study explored the health challenges faced by orphans living with extended families in South Africa. 

T. Lobi and J. G. Kheswa - Journal of Human Ecology5 Jun 2017


Better Care Network31 May 2017

C2P’s Lucy Hillier speaks to Jamie Lachman, founder and director of Clowns Without Borders South Africa, about the “Parenting for Life Long Health” programme being implementing in several countries in the ESA region.

Sheree Bega - Saturday Star27 May 2017

Despite recent reports from the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa (Nacsa) stating the number of abandoned babies have declined in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, anonymous abandonments are on the rise. 

R. M. Pasco Fearon, Mark Tomlinson, Robert Kumsta, Sarah Skeen - Development and Psychopathology12 Apr 2017

This report finds that there is a paucity of research on the role of caregiving in low- and middle-income countries, where the protective effects of high-quality care in buffering the child's developing stress regulation systems may be crucial. This paper reports findings from a longitudinal study (N = 232) conducted in an impoverished periurban settlement in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Matthew Cherisch, Sharon Fonn - The Conversation7 Feb 2017

An article discussing how child support during pregnancy improves the overall outlook for children.

Matthew Cherisch, Sharon Fonn - The Conversation7 Feb 2017

An article on how starting child support grants during pregnancy improves the lives of children.