Journeyman Pictures28 May 2013

In this video report, Journeyman Pictures follows a man who has opened a “baby box” in South Korea where women can anonymously drop off their unwanted babies.

Jack Shonkoff, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University; Frontiers of Innovation (FOI)30 Apr 2013

This 5-minute animated video depicts a theory of change for achieving breakthrough outcomes for vulnerable children and families. It describes the need to focus on building the capabilities of caregivers and strengthening the communities that together form the environment of relationships essential to children’s lifelong learning, health, and behavior.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University1 Jan 2013

A series of three videos on how early experiences are built into our bodies and brains.

UNICEF 1 Nov 2012

This report gives an overview of the documentary reality TV series, “Life as it is-foster families,” which UNICEF in Bulgaria launched in 2010 as a part of its agenda to stop children under 3 years of age from being placed in institutions and to close the infant homes for institutional care.

TED 31 Oct 2012

In this TED video, Georgette Mulheir, CEO of Lumos, an NGO dedicated to ending worldwide systematic institutionalization, describes how orphanages can cause irreparable damage to children both mentally and physically and urges to end reliance on them by finding alternate ways of supporting children in need.

Lemn Sissay23 Oct 2012

In this TED Talk, poet and playwright Lemn Sissay tells his story of growing up in foster care in the UK. 

Daniela Papi TEDx Oxbridge 15 Aug 2012

In this TED Talk, Daniela Papi - founder of PEPY, a Cambodian youth leadership organization, and PEPY Tours, a development education travel company - speaks of the ways that international volunteering can be harmful to children and communities and urges volunteers and organizations to rethink “voluntourism.”

Juliana Ruhfus - Al Jazeera 12 Jun 2012

This People & Power documentary from Al Jazeera investigates the orphanage tourism industry in Cambodia. 

Save the Children6 Jun 2012

This video showcases the Family-based care program of Save the Children and its partners in Indonesia.

ABC News Australia18 Feb 2011

This video from ABC News Australia reports on a hospital in Japan that is taking in unwanted newborns from around the country, sparking debate on whether the hospital is helping mothers or encouraging abandonment.


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