Human Rights Watch20 Mar 2016

People with psychosocial disabilities (mental health conditions) in Indonesia are shackled or forced into institutions where they often face physical and sexual violence, and involuntary treatment including electroshock therapy, seclusion, restraint and forced contraception. Human Rights Watch examines how people with psychosocial disabilities often end up chained or locked up in overcrowded and unsanitary institutions, without their consent, due to stigma and the absence of adequate community-based support services, including mental health care. 

Save the Children Indonesia6 Mar 2016

This animated video describes Indonesia's Families First Signature Program which began in 2005. The goal of Families First is to ensure that every child in Indonesia has a safe, family environment, recognizing that family-based care is best for child development. The video describes how the Signature Program has helped shift care away from institutions towards family-based care.

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health16 Feb 2016

A new video describes a Mailman School-led study to assess the size of the problem. Interspersed with footage of children in informal settlements and orphanages, researchers and officials describe the growth of residential care facilities in Cambodia, many which are operated or funded by foreign charities, including religious groups. 

Charles Stratford Al Jazeera America12 Feb 2016

This video highlights the impact of the fighting in Ukraine on children, particularly on children who have been orphaned by the crisis.

Child's i Foundation4 Feb 2016

In this video Child's i Foundation works with Care 4 Kids, an orphanage for 53 children, which wants to reintegrate children back into families but had challenges convincing the families that they could provide better care. Child's i Foundation organised an open day for families and invited parents who had taken their children back from Rafiki to explain the benefits of children growing up in families.

Child's i Foundation31 Jan 2016

​This video by Child's i Foundation in Uganda document's the journey of a little girl, Praise, from being abandoned to being placed into to a permanent family. The video shows the tracing process a

Child's i Foundation29 Jan 2016

Five years ago, Child's i Foundation founder Lucy Buck set up a 25-bed 'transitional facility' to prove it was possible to place children in need of care into permanent families. Childs' i Foundati

GHR Foundation6 Jan 2016

This short video by GHR presents information on the Children in Familes program with a focus on Cambodia. GHR's grantees are supporting child protection interventions that strengthen families in order to prevention separation of children from their families.

ChildSafe1 Jan 2016

This short video by ChildSafe in Cambodia explains how donations to orphanages, rather than helping the situation, often cause the creation of more orphans. It is estimated that about 80% of the 8 million children living in institutions around the world are not actually orphans. Donations to orphanages only fuel the orphanage industry further, so the focus should instead be on supporting families.

Africa Investigates - Al Jazeera English31 Dec 2015

This video investigates Nigeria’s “baby farms,” an industry in which young pregnant women are lured into “orphanages” with the promise of shelter, meals, and basic care and, in return, are coerced into giving up their babies at birth.


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