The Better Care Network is an interagency network facilitating global information exchange and collaboration on the issue of children without adequate family care.

The global hub of knowledge to facilitate action for children without family care

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Ukraine Response


Ukraine MapThis section includes resources, news and other key documents related to children's care in the context of the current humanitarian crisis affecting Ukraine and surrounding countries. This section is updated daily.



The OPT Humanitarian Crisis


This section includes news related to children's care in the context of the current humanitarian crisis affecting  Gaza and other parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. This section is updated regularly.


COVID-19 Resource Center

Resources on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to child protection and children's care. 


Transforming Children's Care

Visit the Transforming Children's Care Collaborative, aimed at establishing more strategic sector-wide collaboration.


Transition Hub

Visit the resource hub on transforming systems of care, including the transitioning of residential care services.


Browse the Practitioner Hub

Explore the Practitioner Hub, an online library containing practitioner-related resources organized around the components of the care system.


See a report examining the high demand for foster care services in South Africa & the impact on the country's social work services; a study aiming to provide evidence-based indicators of orphanage trafficking & much more.

The birth of David (not his real name) was regarded as an evil omen. Aged barely three weeks old, his mother shoved him into a dusty sack of iron nails and dumped him at a construction site at Marereni village in Kilifi, leaving him to the elements.

The reasons for his mother’s decision to shove him inside the sack are a subject of conjecture. Maybe she left him behind to suffocate or to be rescued by a well-wisher. David was born intersex in 2021.

This report provides an overview of the human rights situation in Haiti which has sharply deteriorated over the period, mainly due to endemic gang violence. The report highlights the main developments related to rule of law institutions, the police, justice, and penitentiary systems.

This paper explores the role of case management in the context of care reforms. It offers cross-cutting principles of good practice, essential steps, and describes critical factors involved in effective case management practices. Drawing on literature from the Eastern and Southern Africa region and beyond, the paper aims to provide overarching guidance to professionals and stakeholders involved in children’s care, welfare, and protection. 

In this interview, BCN’s Senior Technical Advisor, Rebecca Nhep, speaks with Phil Aspegren, Founder of Casa Viva, about transitioning residential care services with child sponsorship funding models.