The working group is initiated and facilitated by the Better Care Network and Save the Children UK with funding from the Human Dignity Foundation. The goals of the group are to:

  • Raise awareness of the risks to children through international volunteering in residential care centres
  • Create behaviour change so that people who are travelling internationally, and planning or considering volunteering or participating in mission activities, make ethical and responsible choices about how and where they undertake such activities
  • Support and promote those who seek to understand and role model responsible volunteering

The members of the global working group seek to represent this issue within our own sectors through:

  • Acting as ambassadors for change
  • Providing relevant information and resources on this issue to those within our networks
  • Offering collaboration, advice, and support to individuals, organisations, and projects within our networks to further this mission
  • Working group members also take an active role as members of an international community through sharing our experiences, resources, and time to support the efforts of actors in other sectors on this issue. 

All members of the working group commit to:

  • Provide advice, expertise, and feedback when requested from other members of the working group.
  • Share details of any resources or support needed to furthering their own advocacy goals within their sector
  • Support the working group in identifying potential areas for inter-agency research or advocacy resources
  • Support the working group in identifying potential advocacy opportunities within their sector
  • Updating the group s on any relevant activities that have been undertaken either by themselves, their organisation, or others within their sector
  • Take an active role in providing feedback on any resources, activities, or events created or led by the Better Volunteering, Better Care initiative