Better Volunteering, Better Care works closely with two other working groups campaigning against international volunteering in residential care centers and promoting ethical volunteering alternatives.

Prevention of Orphanage Voluntourism Working Group Nepal

The Preventing Orphanage Volunteering Working Group (POVWG) was established with a goal to reduce harm to children as a direct or in-direct result of foreigners volunteering in institutions in Nepal (known as “orphanage volunteering”).  It is recognized by all parties that the failure to tackle this problem will reduce the effectiveness of the implementation of the forthcoming Government of Nepal Alternative Care Rules and Regulations.  The POVWG was established following the UNICEF/NGN-led Conference on Orphanage Volunteering – which included the launch of NGN’s report, The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering  on December 11th, 2014.  Working group members include:

  • UNICEF Nepal
  • European Union
  • United States Embassy
  • Social Tours
  • Next Generation Nepal (NGN)
  • Umbrella Foundation
  • Learning Service
  • Just-One

Next Generation Nepal and POVWG members held a weekly seminar series on this topic in Kathmandu.

For more information contact Next Generation Nepal.

ReThink Orphanages: better solutions for children

Rethink Orphanages: better solutions for children is a cross-sector network based in Australia that aims to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children by shifting the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development. 

ReThink Orphanages are calling on Australians to inform themselves about the orphanage industry and to join with ReThink Orphanages to find solutions to ensure that all children can achieve their right to grow up in a family.

ReThink Orphanages provides consultancy services to government, business, donors, and non-profits on policy, ethical giving, transitioning from residential to community based care, responsible tourism, child rights focused business models, and technical advice. Contact for more information.