Changing Behavior to Reduce Orphanage Volunteering Campaign

The Better Care Network is developing a pilot behavior change campaign with the aim of reducing orphanage volunteering. This will build on and complement the work of the Better Volunteering Better Care initiative.

Through insights and intervention testing, the pilot will inform the development of an evidence-based approach for engaging with prospective orphanage volunteers to direct them away from unskilled work with vulnerable children to more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

The National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) ( has been appointed as a research partner to gain a better understanding of the motivations, drivers and decision-making process of orphanage volunteers in the USA and the UK. These insights will inform the development of interventions to test with volunteers in the USA, the UK and Australia.

The insights will also be used to support ongoing work with volunteer and travel organisations through the Better Volunteering Better Care initiative to encourage them to remove orphanage volunteering and orphanage tours from their products. In 2017, two global volunteering organisations – Projects Abroad and World Challenge – and tour operator Intrepid have made this landmark move. For more information, please contact campaign manager