AVE Copiii

Key Areas of Focus: Child Rights, Alternative Care Placements, Supporting Independent Living, Prevention of Family Separation, Family Reintegration 

Background: The Association for Child and Family Empowerment “AVE COPIII” is a public, democratic, politically and religiously independent, non-profit-making organization.

It was found in 1992 and was called “Salvati Copiii Moldova." The main goal of the Association became the protection of rights of all children, as well as providing opportunities for vulnerable groups of people to access different services, particularly for abandoned children, for abused children, victims of labor exploitation and of human trafficking, and for homeless children.

Nowadays the association “AVE Copiii” works to ensure that each child can grow up in a safe family environment, surrounded by love and harmony, having access to qualitative services in accordance with their needs.

What They Do: AVE Copiii offers placement and rehabilitation services for orphans and children without parental care. They work with children and  their parents or caregivers in the areas of: development of skills for independent living, household management, and the distribution of available resources for establishment of family and social relations. Ave Copiii also works with parents who are in the process renunciation of their children, as well as with those who have placed their children outside of family care, both in an effort to prevent separation as well as support family and social reintegration.

AVE Copiii collaborates with family-type boarding schools and with local institutions to increase efficiency of alternative care for children and works with the parents in building communication skills with children of all ages, including children with disabilities or children having problems with behaviour, etc.

Where They Work: Moldova

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