Changing the Way We Care: Programming in Kenya

Background of Organization

Key Areas of Focus: Care Reform, Child Protection, Promoting Family-Based Care

Background: Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) is an initiative designed to promote safe, nurturing family care for children. CTWWC is a consortium of three partners – Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Lumos and Maestral International –funded, through a Global Development Alliance (GDA), by three donors (McArthur Foundation, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst Foundation (GHR Foundation). Launched in 2018, it is grounded in work of demonstration countries - Guatemala, Kenya and Moldova – to spread learning through regional and global advocacy, influence and learning.

What They DoChanging the Way We Care Kenya's (CTWWC KY) core projects include:

  • Care Reform Agenda
  • Child protection

Learn more in the Year One Summary Report.

Number of employees: 15

Where they workKisumu, Nyamira and Kilifi Counties in Kenya

Contact Info:

We asked Changing the Way We Care Kenya (CTWWC KY) to tell us a little more about their learning and knowledge sharing practices. Here is what they said:

1. As an organization, how do you:

(a) prospect for new ideas and opportunities?

We are always looking for a learning opportunity and documenting information. As part of our strategy to generate evidence to inform scale, we have designed an outcome harvesting approach relevant to care reform.

(b) share your best wisdom with the world?

Any documentation that is done or information we have gathered is shared through our website, social media platforms, structured learning events, webinars, and mass sharing through the available platform for a targeted audience.

(c) experiment and encourage innovation?

CTWWC admits that Kenya as a country is on a learning curve towards care reform. Therefore, this call for using available information and data to design approaches and plans that will be tested experimented. This offers lessons that lead to scaling or redesigning. Use of lived experiences, tested and evidence approaches help us to be innovative.

2. What area of your practice are you most proud of and why?

  • Government engagement for systemic change approach
  • Technical guidance
  • Convenor 

3. What should other organizations or practitioners contact you about? (Do you support other organizations in any particular areas, have a key area of expertise you’re willing to share, or have some great resources to make available?)

Technical support in various care reform components of family strengthening and preservation, Alternative care, institutional transformation. These are high level thematic areas. We have key resources like careleavers guidance, case management for reintegration package, Situation Analysis for Children instructions in Kenya, alternative family care training manual, Kenya funding stream analysis, Key messages to targeted audiences in care reform, and case assessment profile for Kenya. Please note that some of these documents not yet finalized but they almost finalized.

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