Opening Doors Ukraine

Key Areas of Focus: Care Reform, Family-Based Care, Deinstitutionalization, Family Strengthening, Child Protection

What They Do

Opening Doors for Europe's Children is Coordinated by Eurochild and Hope and Homes for Children, the Opening Doors campaign operates at EU level and in 16 countries across Europe, calling on the EU and national governments to prioritize the transition from institutional to family-based care. 

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign aims to support national efforts to develop child protection systems that strengthen families and ensure high-quality family- and community-based alternative care for children, by leveraging EU funding and policy and building capacity in civil society. It is a partnership between 5 international organisations and civil society across 16 European countries.

In Ukraine, more than 80,000 children are growing up in institutions and more than 8,000 are losing their families each year. Opening Doors Ukraine's campaign is aimed at consolidating the efforts of civil society to implement systemic changes in social policies that will lead to the abandonment of institutional care for children.

Where They Work: Ukraine

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