From children reintegration into family-based care to building a strong child protection system

"Since 2013, 3,151 out of 3,323 children living in 33 orphanages have safely been placed into family based care through the ‘Tubarere Mu Muryango’ program /Let’s Raise Children in the Family (TMM), implemented by the Government of Rwanda in partnership with UNICEF and different NGOs with financial support from USAID," according to this article from the New Times. Furthermore, "Twenty-five orphanages have stopped institutional care services and are gradually being transformed into community-based services that benefit children and their families," says the article.

"Despite the tremendous achievements there is still a lot to do. This is why, as an overall child rights protection and promotion interveners’ coordinating entity in Rwanda, the National Commission for Children (NCC), reiterates its commitment to continue strengthening the whole child protection system, especially the operationalization of 'Inshuti z’Umuryango (IZU).'" The NCC, in collaboration with UNICEF, is conducting trainings for local leaders on child protection and will support the reintegration of children with disabilities.