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Marcus Y. L.Chiu, Corinne Ghoh, Gerard Chung, Kwok P. Choi - Children and Youth Services Review11 Apr 2019

Drawing on the baseline data, this paper profiles >200 multistressed families (MF) who entered into a specific enhancement programme in Singapore and compares the sociodemographies, family functioning and resilience of the children between transnational and non-transnational families.

Amelia Teng - The Straits Times6 Dec 2018

A new 3-year study in Singapore will investigate "how pre-schoolers from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families can be best helped," according to this article from the Straits Times.

Rosel San Pascual - Communicating for Social Change5 Dec 2018

In this chapter of Communicating for Social Change, the author presents an analysis of the micro- and macro-level challenges of transnational separation of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)-parents and their left-behind children, which consequently beget psychosocial distresses among transnational family members.

Chinese Women's Association17 Jun 2018

Established by the Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund under the auspices of the NUS Department of Social Work, the Chinese Women’s Association (CWA) graciously supports the Social Service Leaders Exchange Programme to enhance skills and professional development of promising young social work and service leaders in the region to promote philanthropy and social development. 

Kok Xing Hui - Straits Times13 Jul 2017

Four new group homes with smaller staff to child ratios are being set up in Singapore for children with greater needs and especially challenging behaviors. Staff will be trained using new 'Training Framework for Residential Care,' in which Malaysian government has invested $7 million over four years.

MHPSS.net29 Jun 2017
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

2017 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP 2017), organized by East Asia Research and supported by Hong Kong Shue Yan University and Singapore University of Technology and Design will be held in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore.

MSF Singapore18 Nov 2016

In this video celebrating 60 years of fostering in Singapore, Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) features a family who has been fostering for approximately 16 years.

Channel News Asia12 Apr 2016

Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will be launching a new pilot project by December which aims to enhance parenting skills and overall functioning in vulnerable families, according to the article.

Faye Sim, Dongdong Li, Chi Meng Chu - Children and Youth Services Review12 Nov 2015

This study from Singapore examined the association of two factors — children's strengths and placement type, with outcomes at two time-points during out-of-home care. 

Faye Sima, Dongdong Lib, Chi Meng Chub12 Nov 2015

The negative impact of childhood maltreatment, which can often extend well into adulthood, consistently appears to be ameliorated if victimized children possess several resiliencies or strengths.