Family Reunification Workshop based on the Agape Model

Agape Children's Ministry is hosting a 5-day workshop on family reintegration. In this workshop, participants can learn from global leaders who converted their orphanage to reintegration centers, learn how to engage donors in a new model of care that reunites children in families, and walk away with an implementation plan and customized toolkit to begin conversion immediately.

The schedule of this workshop is as follows:

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Agape Model
  • Evidence supporting family reunification
  • Dinner and mentor assigned 

Day 2

  • Trauma Informed Care Training 
  • Simulated Case Study 

Day 3 

  • The family reunification process
  • Rotating Round Table work sessions 
  • Build your own model

Day 4 

  • Building a staffing plan
  • Family Reunification Toolkit
  • Developing a donor communication strategy
  • Helping the child’s family with needs without enabling

Day 5 

  • Final Conversion Plan review with mentor
  • Graduation