Lumos International Children's Services Manager

The ICSM will be responsible for the management and development of the GTAS Technical Team; the quality assurance of Lumos technical support and ensuring such support is properly documented; the delivery of training and technical support; and in coordination with other colleagues, supporting the overall development of the GTAS Unit.

Job Objectives – key duties:

1. Managing, Supporting and Developing the GTAS Technical Team

• The direct line management – and where appropriate, the professional supervision – of GTAS Technical Team core team members; an element of matrix-management and/or supervision of GTAS experts and regionally-based technical staff; and, where appropriate, the management of external associate consultants.

• Overseeing the professional development of GTAS Technical Team personnel in technical areas related to their roles.

• In close coordination with the Head of GTAS, identify Lumos personnel and resources to support internal and external training and technical support needs related to DI.

• In coordination with the Head of GTAS and other senior Lumos representatives, the identification, sourcing and training of new technical staff and associate consultants.

• To work in close coordination with the Head of GTAS and GTAS Coordinator and other coordination / project management staff to plan, develop, manage and monitor annual training and technical support activities.

• Overseeing the distribution of GTAS Technical Team work-allocations to ensure GTAS deliverables can be met on time and to a high standard.

• Anticipating operational challenges and mitigating risks; and trouble-shooting problems if/when they arise to ensure sustainable solutions.

• Developing and managing budgets, and other aspects of financial management as required.

2. The Quality Assurance and Documentation of Lumos Technical Support


• The quality assurance of and technical accountability for all GTAS technical advice and materials (including training courses, technical advice and resources); and where appropriate, the technically-oriented quality assurance of and accountability for materials produced by other Lumos teams.

• Ensuring technical support is properly documented for future learning; supporting GTAS colleagues in developing methods to capture the learning journey of training and technical support recipients.

• Ensuring GTAS training and technical materials are appropriate to the technical needs of the geographical regions and cultural contexts in which Lumos is working.


3. The Delivery of Training and Technical Support


• The delivery of training and/or technical advice and the development of resources in areas related to DI.

• In coordination with other GTAS colleagues, supporting and advising Lumos staff on ways to enhance their technical understanding of DI.


4. Supporting the Overall Development of the GTAS Unit


• To support the Head of GTAS in the development of GTAS strategy.

• In coordination with the Head of GTAS, help formulate and implement GTAS policy and procedures, and ensures legal and statutory provisions are observed.

• In coordination with the Head of GTAS, supports the negotiation of contracted out services.

• In coordination with the Head of GTAS, represents GTAS in consultation and negotiation with staff, experts, consultants, governments and other external agencies.

• Represents Lumos and GTAS at public events, conferences and, if necessary, media interviews.

• In coordination with other GTAS colleagues, the mapping and documentation of existing technical personnel and resources within Lumos and externally; creating and/or maintaining a database to manage this information.

• Prepare reports relating to GTAS work, as required.

• In coordination with other GTAS colleagues, support the development of an online learning platform, particularly through the mapping and documentation of DI-related content and resources for use on the platform.

• Support the development and implementation of effective systems to monitor and evaluate GTAS’ work.

• Other tasks as appropriate and as required by the role.


Application deadline is 10 May 2018