Request for Proposal: Consultancy Service to support the development of a de-institutionalization/care reform process in Mexico

UNICEF calls for bids (RFP) to establish a contract for Consultancy services to support the development of a deinstitutionalization/care reform process in Mexico.

Request For Proposal (RFP, for its acronym in English), is a process for acquisitions of required services, where it is expected that the offeror proposes a solution to the problems outlined in the bidding of the bases. RFP is issued to receive proposals that, when evaluated, contain an integral solution, within the framework of the established instructions, such as: (i) objective and scope, (ii) enumeration of the requirements that must be included in the proposal, (iii) ) selection criteria, (iv) form of delivery of the proposals.

The deadline to receive responses to this RFP is May 24th, 2019 at 5:00 PM local time of Mexico City. We recommend that you carefully review the contents of this document and make sure that your representative can meet the minimum requirements stipulated herein.

Proposals must be sent to the following email: Any proposal sent or delivered to other addresses or by other means than those stipulated will be discarded.

The title of the mail should start with the reference number of this RFP, that is, RFP9148599 plus the name of the service or bid, example, RFP9148599 - Consultancy Care Reform - Technical proposal and another one with the economic proposal.

Consider the following aspects prior to submitting your proposal:

1. You must send 2 files in PDF, one with your technical proposal and another one with the economic proposal, based on the annex 1 of this document, these must be signed by the legal representative of your company. Everything must be sent by email (e-mail). Each document must contain a cover with the following information: Subject, Reference, Date and Place.

2. Alongside your technical proposal, you must send the letter of acceptance of participation in the RFP signed by the legal representative or agent of your company, on the day indicated in the calendar of this RFP, to the email previously indicated.

3. Likewise, the letter of confidentiality signed by the suppliers must be sent, on the day indicated in the calendar of this RFP, to the previously indicated mail.

4. The reference RFP9148599 should be indicated in the subject, the cover and each of the sheets containing the proposals.

5. Bidders are free to attach any additional information, added value, etc. that they consider necessary in their technical proposal, under the condition of not referring to costs in said file, the technical proposal must NOT include costs of any kind.

6. In those cases where the request for proposal includes a form, it must be completed according to the instructions to that effect and sent to the designated mail.

7. It is important to read carefully each of the conditions provided by UNICEF in this call and ensure that your offer is consistent with the requirements mentioned in this document. Any failure or lack detected in the presentation, reception or omission of the required terms will lead to an absolute invalidation of the proposal, without any technical and / or economic evaluation.

8. In case the bidder decides to modify his proposal, they must be received before the closing date and time. It must be clearly indicated that it is a modification and replaces the previous proposal.

9. You should not include any information related to costs or value proposition in this document.