Time for Global Action: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

In this video from Time for Global Action: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, Stephen Ucembe shares his experience of living in an orphanage and how institutionalization was detrimental to his development and wellbeing. The video includes an interview with Dr. Delia Pop of Hope and Homes for Children, explaining how institutions are harmful to children's development, the reasons that children are placed into orphanages (including poverty and little access to resources like education and medical care), and why community-based and family-based care is preferable. It also describes the work of the Child's i Foundation to reintegrate children in Uganda into their families through family tracing and strengthening efforts, or to place them with adoptive families if their biological families cannot be identified or cannot care for them. The 13-minute video is accompanied by a shorter 3-minute film and a vignette. 

TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION - Season 2 Episode 2 - UBS and Childs i Foundation Full Story