ISS Monthly Review February-March 2015: The Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children Celebrate Their Fifth Birthday

This double edition of the ISS Monthly Review is a brief progress report on the situation of children in need of alternative care or at risk of so being, five years after the Guidelines’ acceptance at the United Nations’ General Assembly. The review highlights brief news on adoption, an overview of alternative care reform in Liberia, a feature on Ebola and alternative care, and an update from Florence Martin, director of the Better Care Network, entitled “Tracking Progress Initiative – Monitoring the Guidelines’ Implementation” which provides a brief overview of the Tracking Progress  project and potential implications for users of the tool. The review also includes interdisciplinary resources on adolescent migrants, child trafficking, and supporting poor families. The review concludes with an update on the “A Better Future is Possible” project, which focuses on the issue of children with disabilities in alternative care, and a list of forthcoming conferences and trainings.