ISPCAN Congress 2020

Adelaide, Australia

The ISPCAN 2020 Congress will be held in Adelaide, Australia from 15-18 November 2020. The event will be filled with core skill building courses, CEUs, workshops, symposia, multimedia presentations, working groups on child data and child death review systems, oral sessions and countries in transition workshops.

Themes of the Congress include:

  • Child sexual abuse, Trafficking, and Exploitation
  • New issues, insights and evidence-based responses in Child Protection and out of home care
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Complex Developmental Trauma
  • The Law, Medical Response, and Multi-disciplinary Systems of Care
  • New Developments in Child Abuse Prevention and Community Development
  • Child Abuse Prevention in First Nations Communities
  • Children’s Participation and Child Rights
  • Domestic and Family Violence and Children
  • Countries in Transition / Global Child Rights and Protection
  • Emerging Issues