Call for Papers: Special Issue for Emerging Adulthood - Care-leaving processes and services in Africa

The Editors for a Special Issue of Emerging Adulthood focused on care-leaving processes and services in Africa are seeking relevant research papers to be included in the issue.

The intention of this special issue to to co-locate a range of African perspectives on care-leaving so as to highlight the differences and similarities between the African experience and that of the Global North. This will be a good source of research-based evidence for policy makers and practitioners working in Africa and contribute to the international care-leaving research discourse. This issue will be produced in collaboration between the journal Emerging Adulthood and the Africa Network of Care-Leaving Researchers (ANCR) (

Manuscripts are welcomed from authors in all disciplines. Authors should preferably be located in Africa, doing research within their own social context, but authors from elsewhere in the world doing research in Africa are also welcome to submit manuscripts. 'Care' refers to any out-of-home context, such as kinship care, foster care and residential care. The age group of interest is emerging adults (ages 18-29). Articles should engage with the literature on emerging adulthood. Empirical studies (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods are equally valued) are preferred over theoretical and reviews/meta-analyses. 

Initial proposals should include: a provisional title, 300-500 word abstract, and author information (title, names, affiliation and contact details). Proposals are due 30 October 2017

For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact the Special Issue Editors, Prof Adrian van Breda ( or Dr Kwabena Frimpong‐Manso (KFrimpong‐ For more information on Emerging Adulthood please visit

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