Programme Specialist : Online Child Sexual Exploitation – Africa region

This position offers a unique opportunity for a motivated, self-starting professional to make a crucial difference in the fight against sexual exploitation of children online in the African region.

Organizational background

ECPAT International is a global network of civil society organizations working in 88 countries in all regions for the elimination of the sexual exploitation of children. It seeks to encourage the world community to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights free and secure from all forms of sexual exploitation. The ECPAT Secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand and coordinates the global work. The Secretariat develops and supports advocacy, programmes and partnership strategies to facilitate a range of initiatives across the Network to prevent and effectively respond to child sexual exploitation. In key regions, including Africa, a resident Regional Coordinator supports and guides ECPAT’s regional efforts in advocacy and Network strengthening and collaboration. In Africa the ECPAT network has member organisations in 20 countries. All member organisations are independent organisations.

Addressing child sexual exploitation online

The history of ECPAT International is rooted in advocacy to combat child sexual exploitation that occurs through the misuse of technologies, with successful efforts over the years to place this issue on the global agenda. In recent years, the prevalence and forms of online child sexual exploitation (OCSE) have grown dramatically around the world as a result of the rapid expansion of Internet connectivity and the digital environment. In Africa, although data and evidence remain limited, all signs point to its continued proliferation – challenging the region’s legal systems and its public and private sectors to effectively address this multidimensional phenomenon. 2 ECPAT promotes a multi-stakeholder approach against OCSE, collaborating with civil society, law enforcement, government, intergovernmental entities and the private sector at all levels. A key focus is to promote the alignment of national legal frameworks, policies and programmes with relevant international norms and standards, as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and a range of other global and regional instruments. Also critical are the standards and practices of the ICT sector (ISPs, telecom and mobile technology, IT companies) to disrupt the transmission and accessing of offending images. Analysis of these factors, and the recommendations which emerge, drive awareness creation, advocacy, capacity building and action by ECPAT, its partners and other stakeholders, in the framework support of the ‘Model National Response’ promoted globally against OCSE.

Job purpose

Under the guidance of the Head of the OCSE Programme and in close cooperation with the ECPAT Regional Coordinator for Africa, the Programme Specialist is responsible for legal and policy analysis, advocacy, capacity building and network development in the fight against OCSE in the region. The Specialist will be home-based in Africa, with travel in the region, working as a member of the OCSE Programme team.

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