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Nell Warner, Jonathan Scourfield, Rebecca Cannings-John, Olivier Y. Rouquette, Alex Lee, Rachael Vaughan, Karen Broadhurst, Ann John,

This retrospective, national-scale, observational e-cohort study of children entering care in Wales looked at the impact of cumulative risks of parental difficulties on the likelihood of care entry and the impact of the parent's sex.

Anca Bejenaru, Sergiu Raiu, Mihai Iovu, Alina Negoesscu, Sorina Corman,

Adopting a qualitative approach, this study gave voice to seven adoption applicants in Romania who began the adoption journey with one or more children but did not complete the legal process. The goal of the researchers was to understand their experiences throughout the adoption process and disruption. The present study is part of a larger research project that focused on the resilience of the adoptive family in Romania.

Abdullah Alrubaian, Norah Alkhateeb, Deborah Tamakloe,

The present qualitative study seeks to understand parents' perceptions of home or institutional care for children with disabilities. The study utilized an exploratory qualitative approach paradigm with five focus groups in the Qassim region of Saudi Arabia.

Lufuno Makhado, Ntsieni Stella Mashau,

This qualitative exploratory-descriptive study outlines alternative approaches to psychosocial support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in four municipalities of Vhembe district in Limpopo Province, South Africa, in the form of community-based interventions.

Y.G. Riemersma, A.E. Zijlstra, M.E. Kalverboer, W.J. Post, A.T. Harder,

The authors of this study aimed to gain insight into the perceived living environment in different residential youth care settings from the perspectives of 26 youth, 14 parents, and 35 professionals in the Netherlands.

Peter Appleton,

A valuable resource for practitioners, researchers and educators, this book puts forward a powerful case to think more broadly and flexibly about transition planning with care-leavers, placing the voices of young people at its heart. This book grew out of qualitative research interviews held with a small and diverse sample of young adults who were in the process of transitioning from out-of-home care (foster care, kinship care, or residential care) in London, England.

Christine Cocker, Dez Holmes, Adi Cooper,

This book sets out the case for Transitional Safeguarding, a new approach to protection and safeguarding designed to address the needs and behaviours of young people aged 15-24 who are falling between gaps in current global systems, with often devastating results. While the book addressed the gaps in the current system in the UK, the lessons have global application and the authors outlines how the specific needs of young people can be met through this approach.

Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies aux droits de l'homme pour les droits de l'homme,

Le présent rapport est soumis conformément à la résolution 52/39 du Conseil des droits de l'homme. Il donne un aperçu de la situation des droits humains en Haïti. La situation des droits humains en Haïti s'est fortement détériorée au cours de la période, principalement en raison de la violence endémique des gangs. Le rapport met en lumière les principaux développements liés aux institutions de l'État de droit, à la police, à la justice et au système pénitencier. Des progrès ont été réalisés dans ce domaine, mais des défis persistent.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,

This report provides an overview of the human rights situation in Haiti which has sharply deteriorated over the period, mainly due to endemic gang violence. The report highlights the main developments related to rule of law institutions, the police, justice, and penitentiary systems.

Carl F. Weems, Janet N. Melby, Carol Behrer, Doug Wolfe, Mikaela D. Scozzafava ,

The purpose of this study was to examine trends in participation and understand the experiences of youth transitioning from foster care who were involved in the Iowa Aftercare Services Program.