MenCare Sri Lanka1 Jan 2014

This moving short film (7 mins) produced by MenCare examines the circumstance of one man who found himself as the primary caregiver to his children when his female partner moved abroad for work.

Groupe de Travail sur la Protection de l'Enfance1 Jan 2014

Cette video est une introduction aux Standards minimum pour la protection de l'enfance dans l'intervention humanitaire qui ont ete developpes pour soutenir les activites en matiere de protection de

Service Social international 1 Jan 2014

Une immersion au sein du Réseau Afrique de l'Ouest (RAO)  pour la protection des enfants en Afrique de l'Ouest). Ce réseau prend en charge individuellement les enfants vulnérables entre les 15 pays de la sous-région pour les réintégrer socialement et professionnellement.

Save the Children1 Jan 2014

This animated video, produced by Save the Children, tells the story of Suman, a boy whose mother sends him to a care center as she is having difficulty caring for him.

Save the Children19 Dec 2013

This video by Save the Children highlights the major reforms ongoing in Georgia to end harmful child institutionalisation and the work of its project to support the Government in this reform process.

Open Society Foundations15 Dec 2013

The Open Society produced a short film discussing the importance and benefits of early childhood intervention in enhancing development opportunities for children.

Unreported World, Channel 4 Television21 Nov 2013

This documentary produced for Channel 4 Television goes undercover to explore the reality behind 'Voluntourism' in Nepal.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University31 Oct 2013

This 6-minute video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University explains the importance of human interaction with a caregiver to an infant’s brain development and the dangers of neglect to a child’s cognitive development, particularly the neglect that occurs in institutional settings.

Child’s i Foundation11 Jul 2013

This video describes the work of the Alternative Care Panel in Uganda, a panel composed of professionals who assess the stability of potential adoptive or foster parents to determine if the parents can provide for needy and vulnerable children, with the ultimate goal of keeping children out of institutional settings and in family-based care.


Lemn Sissay, TEDx Houses of Parliament28 Jun 2013

In this TED talk, Lemn Sissay recalls his experiences of the care system, the search for his birth family and the insights this has given him.


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