Kate van Doore - Griffith University Law School, Forget Me Not5 Jul 2017

In this video, Kate van Doore describes the process of 'paper orphaning,' a term coined to characterize how children are recruited and trafficked into orphanages to gain profits through international funding and orphanage tourism. 

Preethi Nallu - Refugees Deeply26 Jun 2017

More than 1,000 asylum-seeking men and boys were living around Belgrade’s train station until their eviction in May. Now many of them, including hundreds of children traveling alone, are missing and vulnerable to trafficking in their desperation to reach northern Europe.

Sumithra Prasanna & Ray Yeh - CNA Insider21 Jun 2017

This six part video series follows Jyothi Svahn, who, believing she was 'stolen' and trafficked as an 'orphan', goes on a multi-country hunt for her birth family - and uncovers an international adoption industry built on lies, greed and heartbreak.

SRSG Marta Santos Pais21 Jun 2017

In this video message, Marta Santos Pais, SRSG on Violence against Children, addresses the June 2017 Africa Expert Consultation on Violence against Children (VAC) in All Care Settings

Sahar Zand - BBC News19 Jun 2017

This BBC News film describes the impactful efforts of the Prison Doula Project, a Minnesota-based organization offering parenting programs for incarcerated women and their children. 

MenCare & Inter-Agency Group8 Jun 2017

This video from MenCare Campaign describes the campaign's efforts in over 40 countries to overcome stigma, gender discrimination, and violence and empower men to become equal partners in caring for children. 

CELCIS - University of Strathclyde & International Inter-Agency MOOC15 May 2017

In this video, Florence Martin & Delia Pop sit down together to discuss the concept of “gatekeeping” in relation to children’s care, the role it plays in ensuring informed and appropriate decisions about children’s care, and how it operates in practice in different contexts and stages.

VICE23 Mar 2017

In this video from VICE, undocumented children face danger attempting to cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico.  Those who end up in detention live in squalid, prison-like conditions.

Fidelis Mbah12 Mar 2017

Street children in Nigeria face risks of being recruited by terrorist organizations.  This program held by American University of Nigeria hopes to reduce children’s risks of recruitment.


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