Amanda Bailly9 Mar 2017

This documentary video tells the story of Sham, a single mother from Syria seeking safety in Europe.

CNN Freedom Project8 Mar 2017

In this video, CNN investigates a Kenyan orphanage, which recruited children like Teresia (featured) to gain international funding. 

France2427 Jan 2017

Delphine Moralis discusses the 10,000 refugee children that have gone missing in the EU.

The Dr. Phil Show16 Jan 2017

In this video from The Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil discusses the foster care crisis in the U.S. and the negative impact over-reliance on foster care can have on children and families.

RISE América Latina16 Jan 2017

The topic of this webinar is child and youth participation in monitoring and evaluation. This video provides a brief context of child participation and participatory methods. 

International Detention Coalition1 Jan 2017

This short animation tells the story of a young boy and girl forced to flee their homes, and how detention can be avoided in order to complete their migration status.

National Child Welfare Workforce Institute1 Jan 2017

This video from the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute explains how the state of Missouri in the US reformed its child welfare system by strengthening the social service workforce. 

Aljazeera English23 Dec 2016

This video discusses the challenges social workers face in placing children for adoption in South Africa.

UAFA13 Dec 2016

A video from UAFA emphasizing the importance of early intervention.

The Guardian8 Dec 2016

This video from The Guardian discusses how six weeks after the Calais migrant camp was demolished, unaccompanied minors were transferred around France and are still waiting to hear from the Home Office. 


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