Daniel Mulloy1 Jun 2016

The filmmaker Daniel Mulloy has directed a new 20-minute film, entitled ‘Home,’ which is inspired by the current refugee crisis. 

Tara Winkler - TEDx Sydney25 May 2016

In this TED Talk, Tara Winkler, the Managing Director of the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT), discusses the detrimental impacts that family separation and orphanage placement have on children and speaks out against donating to, or supporting, orphanages in developing countries.

BBC News24 May 2016

This video from the BBC tells the story of a 16 year-old unaccompanied minor from Syria, named Omar. The video features Omar’s illustrations of his journey from Syria to Calais.

Enjoli Francis & Christine Romo - ABC News10 May 2016

This article and corresponding video shine light on the current status of residential institutions for children with disabilities in Mexico, who promised to make changes following Disability Rights International’s report, and the little progress made to right the abuses these children have been subjected to.

Yogita Limaye - BBC News6 May 2016

In this video, a boy in a shelter in Athens, Greece shares his story of migration to Europe and the trials and challenges he has endured.

Karin van Mullem and Arno Rozema5 May 2016

The video ‘Last Minute Orphanage’ offers an unique insight into the world of volunteering. It tells the story of 3 volunteers who travel to Cuzco Peru to volunteer for a few weeks with children.

BBC News12 Apr 2016

This video tells the story of a boy in China who lives in the countryside with his grandmother while his parents are working in a factory in another city.

To the Contrary - PBS8 Apr 2016

This special documentary episode of PBS’s “To the Contrary” explores the trend away from orphanages and towards family reunification. 

Human Rights Watch20 Mar 2016

People with psychosocial disabilities (mental health conditions) in Indonesia are shackled or forced into institutions where they often face physical and sexual violence, and involuntary treatment including electroshock therapy, seclusion, restraint and forced contraception. Human Rights Watch examines how people with psychosocial disabilities often end up chained or locked up in overcrowded and unsanitary institutions, without their consent, due to stigma and the absence of adequate community-based support services, including mental health care. 

Save the Children Indonesia6 Mar 2016

This animated video describes Indonesia's Families First Signature Program which began in 2005. The goal of Families First is to ensure that every child in Indonesia has a safe, family environment, recognizing that family-based care is best for child development. The video describes how the Signature Program has helped shift care away from institutions towards family-based care.


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