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Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

This is the beginning of three virtual presentations on country examples of family reintegration, starting with Rwanda and Cambodia as part of the Task Force on Family Reunification and Reintegration on the Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform. 

Changing the Way We Care, Story International,

This case story is meant to illustrate transition, the actors involved, the challenges and the success factors; recognizing that each transition is an individual process with different starting points, different dynamics and different evolutions. Story International’s transition example demonstrates the ups and downs of divesting from the orphanage model.

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

The webinar will explore participation in foster care with particular focus on individual decision making for children and young people. We will be hearing from people with lived experience of foster care in different contexts.

David Molloy - BBC News,

International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates suggest that 50 million people - or one out of every 150 people alive - are trapped in forced labour or forced marriages. That is up nearly 10 million on its numbers from five years ago.

Ramya Subrahmanian, Manahil Siddiqi, Nicole Petrowski, Claudia Cappa,

This brief provides an overview of the data and evidence gaps on violence against children in East Asia and the Pacific. It calls for greater attention to generating, sharing and applying quality data and evidence to protect the safety and rights of children within the region.


Sri Lanka government officials visited the state of Rajasthan in India to view family-based care models that will inform Sri Lanka’s child protection system as the country transitions into an innovative approach that supports children in family settings. CERI, in partnership with UNICEF Sri Lanka and UNICEF India, hosted the delegation’s visit to family-strengthening, foster care, and group foster care models implemented by Foster Care Society and the Department of Child Rights in Rajasthan.

Changing the Way We Care,

The Journey of Change and Safe Closure case story demonstrates the process of early engagement and awareness to supporting the long-term reintegration of children in families.

Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD),

These guidelines complement the Committee’s general comment No. 5 (2017) and its guidelines on the right to liberty and security of persons with disabilities. They are intended to guide and support States parties, in their efforts to realize the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community, and to be the basis for planning deinstitutionalization processes and prevention of institutionalization.

Sarah Slobin, Joanna Plucinska - Reuters,

Ukraine says it dismissed nearly 100,000 children from institutional care. With help from U.N. child agency UNICEF, it is still trying to reach some 26,000 of them.