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United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commission,

Dates: 15 August  - 09 September 2022

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

The following countries will present state reports for consideration:

Georgia B. Dominguez, Brian J. Hall,

Overseas Filipino Workers are hailed as modern-day heroes who enable their families to climb the socioeconomic ladder. Despite their financial contribution, labour migration often separates children from their parents during their most formative years of growth, threatening healthy development. Using the Joanna Briggs Institute’s frame-work, this scoping review was conducted to identify the health outcomes of left behind children in the Philippines and health-related interventions.

The East African,

The escalating human trafficking menace across the Horn of Africa region should be tackled as a matter of urgency to avert social turmoil and instability, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said in a statement during World Day Against Trafficking of Persons.

The Telegraph Online,

A parliamentary standing committee has expressed serious concern over the decline in the number of children coming to adoption agencies over the years, saying it points to trafficking or a thriving illegal child adoption market.

UN Human Rights Council,

UN human rights experts today expressed concern about the situation of children with disabilities in Ukraine placed in institutions and being displaced to other institutional settings either within Ukraine or further afield.

Mohamed Daghar - Institute for Security Studies (ISS),

Children are increasingly involved in sand mining in East Africa. The illegal sand trade occurs in mostly remote areas, hidden from sight and out of reach of anti-child labour advocacy campaigns. That makes it hard to determine the exact number of youngsters involved.

Ruth Clegg - BBC News,

Disabled children are being abused and neglected in institutions across Ukraine, UN experts have warned. The human rights officials said the war had made their situation even worse and called on the Ukrainian government to right its "historic wrongs".

Changemakers for Children,

Why is it so important to consider mental health and emotional well-being in child care and child protection? How can we address mental health needs in a non-clinical environment? What are some of the tried and tested approaches to supporting the mental health of vulnerable children?

Lynette Oosthuizen-Erasmus, Anri Gretha Adlem,

This article advances a greater understanding of the views, perceptions and experiences of caregivers caring for abandoned infants and toddlers living in institutional care in South Africa, on the basis of information obtained from 15 participants interviewed through semi-structured interviews in this qualitative study. Understanding their views, perceptions and experiences provides vital information to develop social work practices.

Efrén Olivares - Democracy Now,

The Biden administration says it is officially ending the controversial Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as their cases wind through court, often in grueling conditions for months or years.