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Changing the Way We Care,

This Gatekeeping Factsheet, targeting those engaged in care decisions, including government actors/institutions, civil society organizations, practitioners and parents/caregivers explains the objectives of gatekeeping and essential components of a gatekeeping system, core principles of effective gatekeeping and signs that a gatekeeping system is operating well or needs to be strengthened.

Children in Families (CIF) Technical Working Group,

To complement the CIF partner interventions targeting the child and family and to enhance the sustainability of reintegration efforts, the project is using a Hotspot approach to address community-level, environmental factors that may contribute to a child’s increased risk of family separation. The collective application of the Hotspot approach is completely innovative in the Zambian child care reform space. In this brief, we spotlight the Hotspot approach and promising observations to date in undertaking this strategy.

Children in Families (CIF) Technical Working Group,

Building on the CIF+ Learning Brief Vol 1.pdf, Volume 2 draws from CIF+ partner programming experience, achievements and lessons learned. This document outlines lessons for stakeholders that are interested in child reintegration efforts and highlights examples of the pilot as it works to support children and families in Zambia.

Children in Families (CIF) Technical Working Group,

The CIF+ pilot is a collaborative, locally led, intensive effort with the main aim to reintegrate 200 children from Child Care Facilities (CCFs) in Lusaka district, into families over a period of three years (2019-2021).

Patrick O'Leary, Jianqiang Liang - The Conversation,

Months after the Taliban’s return in Afghanistan, there are grave concerns about the state of the country, and in particular, the lives of children.

Cristina Eloisa Baclig -,

MANILA, Philippines—At least P7.8 billion has been earmarked in the proposed 2022 national budget for a feeding program for children, according to Anakalusugan Rep. Mike Defensor. But as the country celebrates National Children’s Month this November, would the funding be enough to address the many challenges that confront Filipino children especially amid the pandemic?

Children & Young People Now,

Young people with experience of the care system have issued a checklist of issues they want to be addressed by the Care Review.

Sam Thompson, Global News,

A number of local Indigenous organizations are calling for a national inquiry into the ‘60s Scoop, which saw tens of thousands of children taken from their families and communities and placed into non-Indigenous homes.

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner,

En la resolución 45/30, el Consejo de Derechos Humanos decidió centrar su próxima reunión anual de un día completo de los derechos del niño (2022) sobre el tema “los derechos del niño y la reunificación familial”. Además, solicitó a la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos Humanos que prepare un informe sobre ese tema, en estrecha cooperación con todas las partes interesadas, con el fin de proporcionar información para la reunión anual de día completo.

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner,

Dans sa résolution 45/30, le Conseil des droits de l'homme a décidé de consacrer son prochain débat annuel d’une journée complète sur les droits de l'enfant (2022) au thème « les droits de l'enfant et le regroupement familial ». Il a en outre prié au Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies aux droits de l’homme d’établir un rapport sur ce thème, en étroite coopération avec toutes les parties concernées, afin d’éclairer le débat annuel d’une journée.