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Patpon Sabpaitoon - Bangkok Post,

"Stay-at-home and lockdown measures have helped to contain the greatest public-health threat the world has seen in decades," says this article from the Bangkok Post. "But as Covid-19 receded in many countries, a new public-health crisis was emerging behind closed doors, with increased domestic violence against women and children."

Hope and Homes for Children,

In this third free webinar, three respected and experienced individuals from the donor community will discuss advice and insights from a donor perspective.

Jasper Lindell - The Canberra Times,

"Family conferences would become a legal entitlement for all vulnerable families involved in the [Australian Capital Territory] care and protection system under a Liberal election commitment to reform the sector," says this article from the Canberra Times.

Dorit Roer-Strier & Yochay Nadan,

This volume adopts a context-informed framework exploring risk, maltreatment, well-being and protection of children in diverse groups in Israel.

Zai Liang & Feinuo Sun - Demographic Research,

Capitalizing on a unique survey in China, the authors of this article aim to study the lasting educational and health consequences of parental migration on children.

Amon Exavery, John Charles, Erica Kuhlik, Asheri Barankena, Godfrey Martin Mubyazi, Levina Kikoyo, Elizabeth Jere - HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care,

This study examines how food insufficiency relates to HIV infection among caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Tanzania.

World Health Organization (WHO),

This scientific brief examines the evidence to date on the risks of transmission of COVID-19 from an infected mother to her baby through breastfeeding as well as evidence on the risks to child health from not breastfeeding.

Qiushi Zhou, Shaolingyun Guo & Hui Jing Lu - Applied Research in Quality of Life,

This study examined rural children’s well-being, particularly their physical well-being, as functions of parental absence, family economic status, and neighborhood environment.

Daniel L. Cavanaugh, Carolyn G. Sutherby, Elizabeth Sharda, Anne K. Hughes, Amanda T. Woodward - Children and Youth Services Review,

This exploratory study provides early research to understand the relationship between levels of meaning-making and well-being in kinship caregivers.

Pamela Snow, Emina McLean and Margarita Frederico - Child Language Teaching and Therapy,

The aim of this study was to describe the language and literacy profiles of adolescents (aged 13–19) in out-of-home care (‘looked after children’) in Australia.