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Advocacy Working Group COVID-19 Advocacy Team (CAT), The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

This webinar will examine the Spanish incident as a case study for why governments should consult child protection advisers when loosening lockdown orders.

Tess Reidy - The Guardian,

This article from the Guardian explores the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on students in the UK who have been in care.

Hope and Homes for Children,

In this webinar, Dr Kate E. van Doore and Rebecca Nhep explore the evolution of the recognition of orphanage trafficking broadly, and then focus on recommendations made by the Australian government following the release of its 2017 ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ report.

Julien Desautels, Luc Touchette, Robert Pauzé - Children and Youth Services Review,

This treatment-process research aims to (1) identify profiles of families participating in intensive family intervention programs, based on youth and family characteristics and (2) compare the intervention received by families with different clinical profiles.

Patricia M McNamara - Residential Treatment for Children & Youth ,

This preliminary scoping study aimed to explore approaches to family partnering within Australian therapeutic residential care (TRC), along with elements of best practice.

Abu Ibrahim Azebre - Modern Ghana,

This article from Modern Ghana calls attention to child protection concerns in Ghana amidst the Coronavirus crisis in the country.

Amy McKlindon, Elizabeth Jordan, Alexandria Wilkins, Sham Habteselasse, Karin Malm, Kristen Harper, Janis Spire, Timothy Ross, Yana Mayevskaya - Child Trends,

This report summarizes some of the major accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned from the Foster Youth Strategic Initiative, which aimed to ensure that older youth in foster care in Los Angeles County (LA) and New York City (NYC) become self-sufficient and thriving adults.

Shelley Phelps - BBC News,

"Is the local authority care system in England failing children who run away and what happens to those who go missing?" asks this article. "The BBC has uncovered evidence of young people disappearing off the radar for weeks, months and, in some cases, years."


The COVID-19 Child Protection and Family Care Challenge Grants and Learning Cohort is designed to support in developing and executing a plan to ensure child safety and maximize family-based outcomes for children in post-COVID recovery.

Eran P Melkman - American Journal of Orthopsychiatry,

The goals of this article were to (a) examine the changes in educational achievements of children in care from preschool through the end of primary school; (b) identify subgroups exhibiting distinct educational trajectories; and (c) explore key predictive individual, care, and school characteristics.