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REPSSI4 Sep 2017
Arusha, Tanzania

The theme of the next PSS forum, which will take place in Arusha, Tanzania from 4-6 September, 2017, is “Equity, Equality for all Girls, Boys and Youth”

SADC Parliamentary Forum3 Jul 2017
Mahe, Seychelles

SADC Parliamentary Forum, in collaboration with Sweden and NORAD; the Regional Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (RWPC); ARASA; UNDP and UN Women, will host a Plenary Assembly Session of SADC PF from July 3 to 15, 2017 in Mahe, Seychelles.  The Women’s Parliament will be scheduled for July 5th and 6th, 2017.

Amber Peterman, Anastasia (Naomi) Neijhoft, Sarah Cook, Tia M Palermo - Health Policy and Planning22 Apr 2017

This paper reviews evidence and develops a framework to understand linkages between non-contributory social safety nets (SSNs) and the experience of childhood emotional, physical and sexual violence in low- and middle-income countries. 

R. M. Pasco Fearon, Mark Tomlinson, Robert Kumsta, Sarah Skeen - Development and Psychopathology12 Apr 2017

This report finds that there is a paucity of research on the role of caregiving in low- and middle-income countries, where the protective effects of high-quality care in buffering the child's developing stress regulation systems may be crucial. This paper reports findings from a longitudinal study (N = 232) conducted in an impoverished periurban settlement in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Stahili12 Apr 2017

In this blog post from Stahili, Madara Žgute reflects on her experience in an orphanage in Ghana and cautions against volunteering at orphanages.

UNHCR-RefugePoint3 Apr 2017

UNHCR-RefugePoint is looking for a Child Protection Expert as part of its UNHCR-RefugePoint Collaboration Project. 

Ise Bosch, Eva-Maria Hilgarth, Sarah Blakemore, Amani Njogu, Nguyen Van Hue, Karin Demuth – Dreilinden1 Apr 2017

Dreilinden produced this working paper to improve practice in the area of *LGBTI children in care. This paper has texts in a variety of formats from around the world and contains three sections that cover research and tools, interviews, and practice examples.

Catholic Relief Services24 Mar 2017

Catholic Relief Services is looking for a new Senior Technical Advisor. 

Salifu .m .touray in Lrr – The Daily Observer – AllAfrica.com21 Mar 2017

A child protection awareness forum was held in the Lower River Region of Gambia to help promote positive discipline in every day parenting.

Bridget Mananavire - DailyNews20 Mar 2017

Article from DailyNews reporting that there are 4,701 children living on the streets of Zimbabwe’s major cities.