CRC Day of General Discussion (DGD) 2021

2021 UN DGD

Overall objective of the 2021 DGD

The overall purpose of the day of general discussion is to examine broadly the current situation regarding alternative care in its complexity, identify and discuss particular areas of concern with regard to the unnecessary separation of children from their families and appropriate ways to respond to family and child separation in cases where it is unavoidable.

The day of general discussion also provides an opportunity to review implementation of relevant international standards and progress made since the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the Rights of the Child regarding children living without parental care, the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty and the normative discussions between the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Specific objectives of the 2021 DGD

  1. Create meaningful engagement for children and young people who have experience of the child protection system and/or of living in alternative care of any type so they can voice their opinions on what constitutes quality care and advocate for legislative and systemic changes;
  2. Acknowledge the harms of care and the abuse of children in care, and explore the measures that can be taken to ensure prevention, intervention and access to justice, accountability and suitable reparation;
  3. Draw lessons from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s care and alternative care, including on efforts to strengthen and reform alternative care systems, and make recommendations for the response and preparedness for future public health as well as social and environmental global crises;
  4. In order to prevent family separation, expand opportunities for learning from best practice in reducing the number of children admitted to formal alternative care, through enhanced prevention and gatekeeping initiatives;
  5. Expand opportunities to learn from evidence about alternative care options and evidence about what constitutes quality alternative care, with a view to establishing a meaningful process for developing guidance on this;
  6. Explore efforts towards the development or strengthening of fully-integrated child protection systems;
  7. Explore innovative approaches to alternative care for children in particularly vulnerable situations, such as humanitarian contexts and migration, and learning from existing good practices.


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UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,

This document outlines the agenda for the two half days, including key themes to be discussed, main sessions and working groups.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,

Ce document présente l'ordre du jour des deux demi-journées, y compris les thèmes clés à discuter, les sessions principales et les groupes de travail.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,

Este documento describe la agenda de los dos medios días, incluidos los temas clave a debatir, las sesiones principales y los grupos de trabajo.

El objetivo de este documento de antecedentes es sintetizar y recopilar las pruebas recibidas por el Comité durante el proceso público de consulta.

The purpose of this background document is to synthesize and present evidence shared in the submissions received by the Committee through the public consultation process of the

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,

This report is about what children and young people told us about their care and what they want to change. This report is for a meeting that happened in September 2021. The meeting was about care for children who do not live with their parents. People from around the world were at the meeting.

Ce document d'information a pour objectif de synthétiser et de présenter les données probantes communiquées dans les contributions soumises au Comité dans le cadre de la procédure de concertation publique (voir le point 1.3 ci-dessous pour plus de

Kate Butler, Ph.D, Vanessa Currie, MA, Katie Reid, MA and Laura Wright, Ph.D. - International Institute for Child Rights and Development ,

This report was commissioned by a group of civil society organizations (CSOs) in an effort to get a broad sense of what children and young people themselves think about their experiences in alternative care.

Comité de los Derechos del Niño de la ONU,

El Comité de los Derechos del Niño de la ONU se reunirá en un Día de Debate General sobre «Los derechos de la infancia y el cuidado alternativo», que se llevará a cabo en Ginebra durante dos medio días, el 16 y el 17 de septiembre de 2021. Este documento presenta directrices para participación y presentaciones.

Comité de los Derechos del Niño de la ONU,

Esta nota de concepto incluye  información sobre el contexto, importancia, propósito, alcance, y objetivos claves del Día de Debate General 2021 al tema de «los derechos de la infancia y el cuidado alternativo».