Faith to Action Initiative

In 2006, members of the Better Care Network formed the FBO outreach committee in order to promote better practice within the faith-based orphan care community. This committee formalized in 2008 and is now known as the Faith to Action Initiative.
The Faith to Action Initiative brings together Christian faith-based organizations, churches, and individuals seeking to respond to the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa. The core focus of the Initiative's work is to promote approaches to orphan care that uphold the value of family and community in the life of a child.

The Faith to Action Initiative began as the BCN Faith-Based Organization (FBO) Committee. The overarching aim of the BCN FBO Committee was to dialogue with churches, organizations, and leaders in the faith community for the purpose of promoting better practices in regards to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), including gathering information about orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) responses already underway, to encourage increased OVC support in general, and promote better care practices.

The BCN FBO Outreach Committee’s core group comprised of four members of the Better Care Network Advisory Group: Kerry Olson, Firelight Foundation; Diana Aubourg Millner, Save Africa’s Children; Mary Dallao, Family Health International; and Steve Haas, World Vision USA as well as Jon Singletary, professor of Social Work at Baylor University and John Derrick, Training Specialist with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Global Missions.  John Williamson of the Displaced Children and Orphans Fund, Aaron Greenberg of the Better Care Network and UNICEF and Jennifer Delaney of Global Action for Children also participated in an advisory capacity.

The Committee has since evolved into its own entity - the Faith to Action Initiative - and BCN Director Florence Martin is a member of its Leadership Council. The Faith to Action Initiative serves as a resource for Christian groups, churches, and individuals seeking to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and around the world. They offer practical tools and resources, inspiring stories and examples, and up-to-date information on key strategies and research to help guide action. They seek to engage and equip churches and individuals through their website, publications, conference workshops and webinars.

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