Social Service Workforce Strengthening

A strong social service workforce is critical to meeting the needs of children without adequate family care.  From government policy-makers, local administrators, researchers and social workers, to educators, community workers and care providers, social service actors play a key role in protecting girls and boys and promoting their care.

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Denise Michelle Brend - Children and Youth Services Review,

For this study, an exploratory theoretical thematic analysis of the narratives of residential childcare workers in child welfare (RCWs) was performed to further understanding about the nature of the psychological distress reported by RCWs.

Jennifer J. Driscoll - Child Abuse Review,

This article considers the potential efficacy of the para social workers (PSW) model in strengthening child protection at community level in Uganda.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance,

This webinar outlined key elements of good practice in supervision and tools that can be used for achieving quality supervision for social service workers.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance - Supervision Interest Group,

The purpose of this manual is to offer guidance on supervision to individuals working to provide, manage or coordinate social services. This manual defines what is meant by supervision in social services, outlines the key elements of good practice in supervision and summarizes the different forms of supervision.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

This podcast episode discusses the question: do child protection professionals have what they need to support and protect children as the coronavirus makes a comeback?

Siv Oltedal, Ingunn Studsrød, Rasa Naujanienė, Carolina Muñoz Guzmán - Journal of Comparative Social Work,

The study from Chile, Lithuania and Norway explores how social workers define family and more specific the position of extended families within child welfare and thus indicate contextual differences and similarities.

C. Raneesh and A. K. Mohan - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond,

In this study on childcare staff in children’s homes of Kasaragod district of Kerala, the researcher adopted a descriptive design and selected all registered children’s homes for the study purpose.

Jude Mary Cénat, Pari-Gole Noorishad, Konrad Czechowski, Sara-Emilie McIntee, Joana N. Mukunzi - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study aimed to explore questions relating to caseworker’s training on ethnocultural diversity in connection with racial disparities and overrepresentation of Black children in child welfare services.

Mizeck Chimange & Sue Bond - Children and Youth Services Review,

This qualitative study, conducted in four child and youth care centres in the Tshwane region of South Africa, presents some techniques used by child and youth care workers to develop belonging.

Laura M. Schwab-Reese, Ida Drury, Heather Allan, and Kasey Matz - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The purpose of this project was to determine if there were differences in learning outcomes between learners who completed child protection training in the usual delivery methods (Pre-COVID) and the fully virtual delivery methods (Post-COVID).