Child Development

Knowledge of child development is the foundation for work with children, and therefore is a requirement for all those seeking to protect children. It influences every aspect of a child from physical growth and mental abilities, to how they express emotions, think and behave. 

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CSO Forum Secretariat together with AfECN, UNICEF and WHO,

This series of webinars organized by the CSO Forum Secretariat together with AfECN, UNICEF and WHO sought to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in the area of ECD to ensure greater advocacy for young children in the child rights agenda.

Maureen M Black, et al - BMJ Global Health,

This paper proposes a comprehensive, multisectoral, multilevel life-course conceptualisation of human capital development by building on the Nurturing Care Framework (NCF), originally developed for the foundational period of growth and development through the age 3 years.

Kerrie Proulx, Rachel Lenzi-Weisbecker, Rachel Hatch, Kristy Hackett, Carina Omoeva, Vanessa Cavallera, Bernadette Daelmans, Tarun Dua - medRxiv,

This rapid review takes stock of emerging research on nurturing care for young children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Alexandra Citrin, Siri Anderson, Valery Martínez, Ngozi Lawal, and Shadi Houshyar - Center for the Study of Social Policy,

This report offers a blueprint for creating equity-centered, anti-racist policies that support the health and well-being of children and families of color.

UNESCO Education Sector and ECDAN,

This report summarizes the main findings of the High-Level Session on ‘Advancing the Early Childhood Agenda: High Level Session towards a Global Partnership Strategy’, organized by UNESCO.


Este informe se presenta el caso de Perú y su proceso de elaboración de políticas para la primera infancia el cual cuenta con características particulares que son de interés para la Agenda Regional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Primera Infancia.

Karmen Toros, Keidy Tart & Asgeir Falch-Eriksen - Early Childhood Education Journal,

This paper examines the role of interprofessional collaboration in the identification and reporting of a child in need.


In this new series by UNICEF, Laura Mucha – author, poet and children’s advocate – interviews some of the world’s leading experts to find out why love is so important in childhood. 

The Center for the Study of Social Policy,

The New Neighborhood is a limited series podcast that explores some of the dramatic changes taking place across the U.S. as people work to reinforce a sense of community, support young children and families, and work to build equity within communities.

Anna Aizer and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn - The Future of Children,

In this brief, the authors propose a set of enhanced Infant-Toddler policies—in the areas of income support, child care, and paid family leave—to better support families and improve their children’s long-term health and wellbeing.